creates a SaaS sharing economy, cloud-based business management applications company, has welcomed 5 early-stage SaaS start-ups into their Cork incubator space, ‘Teamwork Catalyst’. The company have also launched ‘SaaS Network Ireland’ alongside some of Ireland’s biggest and most innovative SaaS players.

Having moved into a new office last year, the company have made their former office available to SaaS startup companies as an incubator with access to mentors, desk space and facilities. Founders Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey know the struggles of starting your own business.

Teamwork has been bootstrapped by its two founders since its beginnings in January 2007 and has taken no venture capital backing. They are on track to earn €15million in annual revenues with a growth of 39% last year.

“We know the pressures of being early stage startup, and it’s no joke! We worked double-time to keep food on the table while we pursued our dream. We’re hoping that with a little support with business mentoring and basic overhead costs, other entrepreneurs can avoid the same trap”, – Daniel Mackey, Co-Founder and CTO.

Companies wanting to avail of the facilities have to meet the following requirements:
Must be building (or aspire to be building) a true SaaS product; not a service.
Must have an existing website or landing page which allows taking of email addresses or trial sign-up.
Maximum of 10 people per company.

Not only are Teamwork sharing their wisdom with promising start-ups, they have encouraged the creation of an online network where the knowledge and insights of Ireland’s SaaS sector can be shared to help build stronger, internationally more competitive Irish Saas companies.

Peter Coppinger, Co-Founder and CEO, believes “An Irish SaaS network of combining and sharing knowledge is a good thing for Ireland. We believe that by combining and sharing the knowledge and insights of Ireland’s SaaS sector we can build stronger and internationally more competitive Irish SaaS companies. There has never been a better time to start a SaaS business and by allowing founders and senior staff to learn from later stage companies who have been through the same challenges, we can help each other grow and avoid common pitfalls.”

‘SaaS Network Ireland’ promises to be a place free from pitching products or services, recruiting investors or partners, or a place to brag and not just a series of social events.

It is designed to be time-efficient, low-committal arena of discussion and advice exchange. Members will have access to the direct emails of other members and can ask for an hour of someone’s time for advice. Members must be free to give 2 hours a month of their time to the network.

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