Team Computers Sets Up Dedicated Offshore Delivery Center for Analytics

Ruchika Goel
New Update

Traditionally, banking and financial sector is the frontrunner to deploy the best-of-the-breed technologies. But the pile of data which keeps flowing from all channels poses a great challenge to players in this sector. Most of the organizations are not able to make use of the data for business growth and better insights for decision making. But organizations can no longer afford to ignore the importance of data coming from different departments, transactions, and channels.



The ever-rising expectations of today’s tech-savvy customers are compelling the companies to actively embrace new technologies so as to provide world-class services to their customers. Walking on similar mantra is Magma Fincorp, a Kolkata-based non-banking financial company with 10,000 employees and more than 250 branches all over India. Like any other lending and insurance company, Magma too is sailing in huge data ocean wherein it becomes difficult for them to capture important customer information while targeting for a finite pool of customer.

Therefore, Magma was looking for a partner that can help them analyze their data on a regular basis. Magma wanted to use analytics to make use of the data for business growth and informed decision making.



In order to implement and use analytics, the company went on to shortlist the right technology partner. After much deliberation and assessment of requirements, the company decided to choose Team Computers for deploying analytics in their organization. They wanted their partner to first work closely with them for the first six months in the initial phase and then set up an Offsite Delivery Center (ODC) at the partner end. Manoj K Mishra, Vice President, Technology, Magma says, “We wanted to implement BI at Magma quickly and without waiting to create Enterprise Data Warehouse. This posed the challenge of data preparation and hence we were looking at a BI platform that could handle this challenge and can be implemented quickly. When we scanned market and discussed with Analysts, we found Qlik to be a competent solution for our scenario. Next challenge was to find the right implementation partner who can develop Business Dashboards quickly and in agile fashion. Team Computers were recommended partner by Qlik for our scenario. We found Team Computers as a trustworthy partner as we went the implementation path. Not only we were able to implement the solution as we envisioned, but Team Computers undertook the challenge of Magma end-toend, right from drafting requirements to implementation to support and change management. Business Intelligence demanded a cultural change at Magma among business community. Team Computers are working with us handin-hand in this journey. With first phase of implementation done successfully, we entrusted Team Computers to establish the dedicated Offshore Delivery Center for Magma from where they can carry out development and support activities. Connected with high bandwidth and equipped with audio-visual facilities, this is working out quite cost effective for Magma.”

Founded in 1987 by Ranjan Chopra, Team Computers views itself as a bridge between the world of business needs, and the world of affordable and high quality IT solutions. With 25 offices and 266 support locations across India and 1,200+ team members on-board nation wide, over 800 multi-skilled engineers across locations, they have 2,000+ active happy customers nationwide.

Technology is vital in automating business processes. In India the paradigm is that the customer wants the team should be onsite on their premises and do the delivery. Jatin Sawhney, General Manager, Information Services, Team Computers says, “It is the first kind of experiment we have done where the customer has asked us to set up the entire ODC at our office and deliver the solution.”

To conclude, Magma was looking for a platform which can help them in data preparation and delivering intelligence and Team Computers was the best choice. After the implementation, Magma is able to save a lot on travelling, accommodation, admin expenses, over head expenses, operational costs, etc. Further, the deployment has enabled the firm to streamline processes and monitor projects more effectively.

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