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Teaching middle school students data science with math learning app

The maths learning app Countingwell announces new certification program in mathematical foundations for data science, a 9 day program for middle school students.

Edtech startup Countingwell announced the launch of its certification program in mathematical foundations for Data Science. The nine-day program is designed for middle school students studying in classes 6th to 8th to use fundamentals of mathematics and apply them to data analysis.

Students will learn the basics of Data Science through Data Collection and Organisation, Data Visualization, Data Analysis and Summary. As an introduction, the program is available free of cost for all eligible students and can be enrolled via the Countingwell app.

“This program will help students develop a strong understanding of data analytics, not just to prepare them for a future career in Data Science, but to make data-driven decisions in any career they pursue,” said Nirmal Shah, Cofounder of Countingwell.

Data science is a rewarding and highly sought after career today in India and other countries, with the demand for skilled professionals growing at an average rate of 50%, according to a recent tech hiring trends report by Dice. Data scientists are expected to provide answers to complex business problems, or uncover new insights into a business’ functioning  by analyzing and processing vast amounts of raw data. In the US, the median starting salary for data scientists is $95,000, almost double the U.S. median salary average.

Maths is today widely considered as a necessary foundation of a rewarding career across many professions related to STEM. Fields of coding, AI, economics, data science, Actuarial sciences: all have maths at their core.

The Countingwell Data Science program is available for students in India as well as in the Middle East. To enroll for the program, students can download the Countingwell app. Students will also be given a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the program.

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