TCS Issues Wage Cut and Leave Deduction Warning for Some Employees

Since most employees want to work at their desks again, TCS is terminating the permanent work-from-home policy

Preeti Anand
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TCS employees who do not complete at least 12 days of office-based work each month receive letters, according to a TOI report. The major player in the information technology (IT) industry warned that disciplinary action would be taken if staff members did not follow the roster. The memo instructed staff to report to work from their designated office location following the allotted roster "immediately."


For the Indian IT sector

One of the earliest IT services firms in India to call staff members back to the workplace was TCS. It is the only business in the industry to have strictly implemented it. Others, like Infosys, have encouraged but have yet to require workers to work from home. In October of last year, the Tata Group subsidiary informed its staff that management would roster them three days a week and that they were required to adhere to this schedule. The company had recently stated that it would discourage working from home, save for health issues. It said that if staff did not follow the roster, they would be subject to salary or leave deductions.

FAQ’s on TCS Work Culture


What is the compensation for five years of experience?

Employees who have more than five years of experience could receive an annual salary that might reach 15 lakh rupees. Senior Process Pay at TCS in India, The starting monthly wage for old process workers at TCS ranges from 60,000 to 70,000 rupees. Salary of TCS Consultants in 2021 The starting annual salary range for TCS consultants is between 4 and 7 lakhs.

In TCS, what is the highest salary?


With Rajesh Gopinathan serving as the company's then Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, the remuneration of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) senior executives grew to about 55% in the Financial Year 2021.

Does TCS prohibit working from home?

Because most employees want to work at their desks again, TCS is terminating the permanent work-from-home policy. However, given the increasing number of Covid instances worldwide, the corporation will continue to exercise prudence and won't require employees to work from home.