TCS iON Offers its Virtual Learning Platform for Free to Educators in the US Until 2021

TCS iON has offered its Digital Glass Room to educators to help them securely transition to remote digital learning amid COVID-19 pandemic

TCS iON, a strategic unit of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), announced that it is offering access to its iON Digital Glass Room, a virtual learning platform, free of cost to educational institutions in the US until 31 March 2021. The decision has been taken keeping in a bid to help schools and colleges that have had to close in the wake of COVID-19.

The platform, already available in Europe and India, enables educators and students to connect in a secure virtual environment, moving lessons from classrooms to interactive digital glass rooms. “TCS iON Digital Glass Room is a secure, user-friendly platform that empowers academic institutions and educators to continue with the coursework even when students can’t physically be present in a classroom. The ability to use their own lesson plans and interaction style will limit any disruption and confusion, and enable uninterrupted education into the 2021 school year,” said Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON.

TCS iON Digital Glass Room is currently being made available globally to educational institutes of all types, regardless of the medium of instruction, Board/University affiliation or size.

The recommended browsers to fill the online form are Internet Explorer (version 11), Mozilla Firefox (version 50 and above) or Google Chrome (version 50 and above). The coordinator’s, as well as the school or university’s email and phone number, needs to be provided, and all details of the school or university need to be filled to register with the Digital Glass Room website.

The TCS iON Digital Glass Room is a web-based digital education platform for schools and universities, empowering educators to engage with students in real-time by uploading and sharing their own school lessons, videos, worksheets, assignments and assessments, and using interactive methods like polls, debates, quizzes, surveys, and more. TCS will provide the initial digital training and support to help institutions get up and running in a matter of hours.

Registered educational institutions can leverage easy-to-use templates for student and teacher data collection that is loaded into the secure platform for every classroom instance. The platform supports a wide set of pedagogies, along with integration with vendors providing a range of video session features.

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