TCS iON to monitor students giving exams in real-time through artificial intelligence

TCS iON has conducted 3,180 exams for over 200 million candidates in 6,444 venues across 643 cities, and will now do the same with artificial intelligence

New Update
TCS iON launches artificial intelligence solution to monitor exams

TCS iON inaugurated its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Command Center in Chennai that is capable of monitoring over 6,000 of its examination venues across the country, in real-time. Tata Consultancy Services’ Command Center aims at overseeing the candidates giving the examinations, devices as well as power parameters at the venues, to ensure fair and free exams, says a release from the company.


By layering a digital monitoring platform on the newly developed physical infrastructure, TCS iON aims to provide a superior experience to exam administrators for the fair conduct of exams along with the transparency of the exam operations. The Command Center is based at TCS’ Sholinganallur facility.

Commenting on the launch, Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON, said: “The TCS iON Command Center at Chennai is truly a benchmark for real-time monitoring of multiple events during high-stake exams. This is our next leap to reimagine the exam monitoring process and assure fair and free exams at scale, even in the remotest locations within and outside India. This is aligned with our vision of making examination processes in the country secure and scalable. The real-time monitoring of the end-to-end examination process has been made possible through an interplay of digital technologies covering cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence-driven algorithms, IoT frameworks and other high-end computational and image processing algorithms. By providing such 360-degree assurance, we aim to raise the bar for monitoring large scale exams.”

Salient features of the TCS iON Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Command Center

  • Monitoring the exam process through a set of over 150 parameters to prevent, predict and post incidents as alerts for efficient management of the exam
  • Tracking the movement and the devices carried by every candidate at any exam center via a live CCTV feed
  • Tracking the readiness of all devices being used for conducting the exam, by leveraging TCS’ IoT framework
  • Issuing alerts about any malpractice attempts based on the learnings from the malpractice patterns of the past
  • Predicting the readiness of the center based on past incidents and the current live feed of events in the exam center

The Command Center has been engineered to empower TCS iON and its customers to issue proactive automated directions for any observations that warrant immediate action, through instant alerts against anomalies like exam interruptions, unusual behavior on server or candidate systems and the performance of devices being used for the exam process, says the company.

The TCS iON Command Center is also equipped with a remote Energy Management Solution, which monitors critical power parameters during assessments. Sensors collect real-time data and the temperature of servers and UPS rooms, thereby allowing near real-time monitoring and data analytics for preventive maintenance. This solution will issue instant notifications highlighting critical events for early fault detection, therefore enabling proactive measures to avoid disruption due to power failures or other such issues during exams.

TCS iON caters to education boards and recruitment bodies to conduct large-scale and high-stake examinations in India through its Digital Zones. TCS iON is a business unit of Tata Consultancy Services focused on enabling institutions, government departments and organizations from multiple industry sectors to be efficient in their recruitment/admissions process, learning and skilling and overall business operations with the use of ‘Phygital’ platforms.