TCS and Macquarie University Unveils Research Hub for Net-Zero Transition

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and Macquarie University have joined forces to inaugurate the TCS GoZero Hub.

Punam Singh
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TCS and Macquarie University

TCS and Macquarie University

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a global leader in IT services, and Macquarie University have joined forces to inaugurate the TCS GoZero Hub. It is a research and innovation center to guide Australian organizations on their journeys towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions. This collaborative initiative aligns with the central themes of COP28 focusing on five pivotal areas that include

  • Energy transition
  • Carbon management
  • Nature-positive future
  • Circular economy and sustainable waste management
  • Climate adaption and resilience

The TCS GoZero Hub stands out as a pivotal force bringing together academia and industry to spread out research, innovation, education, services, and digital solutions dedicated to advancing climate action. The hub is dedicated to enabling enterprises, government, regulatory bodies, and communities across Australia to develop pathways that accelerate the transition to a net-zero future while prioritizing nature and people.

The hub led by TCS and Macquarie University aims to leverage multidisciplinary approaches and ideas from industry and academia. It will focus on driving research and innovation that facilitates the transition to a net-zero future and beyond. This collaboration emphasizes limiting and preparing for future climate changes and provides advisory services and proven digital solutions for organizations to decarbonize and embrace the circular economy.


Furthermore, the TCS GoZero Hub will play a pivotal role in supporting education pathways by providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful future-focused careers.

“Innovating to build sustainable futures is something we are extremely passionate about at TCS. We are pleased to launch the TCS GoZero Hub with Macquarie University. We’re joining forces to create a leading hub of research, innovation, education, and solutions that will enable informed decision-making as we move towards a net-zero carbon future,” said Girish Ramachandran, President, of TCS Asia Pacific.

"Macquarie University is committed to undertaking world-changing, impactful research, and to generating new knowledge through research and innovation that supports transformational sustainability. Our partnership with TCS, and the launch of the TCS GoZero Hub, will further amplify our impact in exciting new ways as we help to address the global decarbonization challenge and create a more sustainable, just, and equitable society," said Professor S. Bruce Dowton, Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University.

The TCS GoZero Hub will be supported by TCS’s comprehensive suite of over 200 sustainability services and solutions across different industry verticals. The hub offers a curated set of digital solutions tailored to individual contexts for organizations aiming to embark on a sustainable journey.