Tata Technologies

Pune has long been a center of excellence for automotive engineering. Perhaps
it is quite natural considering that Pune has been housing a host of auto
manufacturers. Towering above the rest is Tata Motors (erstwhile Telco). With
software engineering a crucial element in auto manufacturing, Tata Motors
incubated an IT center par excellence. Subsequently, this was spun off into a
separate company called Tata Technologies that had an exclusive focus on
improving the way the auto OEMs and their suppliers compete, by driving down
development, manufacturing and delivery costs.

Today, Tata Technolgies is one of the fast growing companies in the country,
witnessing a 43% growth to end 2003-04 at Rs 133 crore. Over the last three
years, the company witnessed a CAGR of 355%, while offshore revenues showed a
staggering 281% growth. Though the Tata Motors dependence is still quite high,
accounting for more than half of its revenues, the company today services
globally leading auto OEMs like General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Toyota,
Honda, PSA, Mazda, Rolls Royce-UK, Nissan and Fiat amongst others. "And in
any case the Tata Motors dependence is gradually coming down," informs
Nelson Eric D’Souza, country manager, sales & marketing. Other than Tata
Motors, GM is the company’s biggest client, he informs.

Not only global OEMs, Tata Technologies counts Indian customers too in its
client roster. These include blue-chips in the auto sector like Tata Johnson,
New Holland Tractors, Bajaj, Mahindra Tractors, TVS and Fiat India. Currently
the company has facilities in Hinjewadi IT Park and Pimpri in Pune, besides
Jamshedpur and Lucknow.

In engineering automation, the company works on 2D/3D CAID besides CAD for
designing vehicles, CAE for strategic analysis, knowledge based engineering (KBE)
frameworks like Venus as well as robotics. 

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