Tata Infotech: Out of the Red


Turned around: TIL posted a revenue growth of 32% amounting to Rs 608 crore

Forged key alliances in emerging technology areas like business intelligence and wireless applications

Tata Infotech Ltd (TIL), the company that is perpetually thought of as TCS’s cousin, seemed to be getting back on track after a rough patch. TIL had roped in a veteran, erstwhile Motoralan Charles Anthony to manage operations and it seems to have worked. There is enough evidence of smart strategizing and astute management of operations at TIL. In the first quarter of 2003-04, TIL emerged out of the red when it posted Rs 12 crore in profits compared to a loss of Rs 1.1 crore for the same quarter a year before. At half-year, revenues grew by a neat 39% and net profit increased ten times over. More significantly, by the end of the fiscal, TIL’s contract manufacturing operations grew 68% while its core area of systems integration grew 24%. The profit story gets fascinating when one notes that profits from manufacturing grew 50% whereas profits from systems integration registered a record rise of 133%.   

l Start-up year: 1977
l Products & services: S/W development, SI, education, manufacturing, BPO
l Branches: 7 l Address: Manish Commercial Center, 216-A, Dr. A B Road, Worli, Mumbai
l Tel: 56664300 l Fax: 5664333 l Website:

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