Tata Comm to deliver WAN connectivity to Cargotec

Tata Communications has been chosen by Cargotec to deliver Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity to over 150 Cargotec sites globally through Tata Communications’ round-the-world fibre optic cable network.

Speaking exclusively to Dataquest, Claude Sassoulas, MD, Europe and Americas, Tata Communications explains, “Cargotec will improve productivity and operational efficiency worldwide by streamlining its supply chain. The company has outsourced their global data systems to us we are providing them end-to-end network solution to companies 150 sites.”

Cargotec’s operations in over 50 countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Americas and Africa will benefit from capacity, speed, resilience and enhanced communications capabilities of end-to-end Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.

“We need our network supplier to have the infrastructure and the resources we need in all markets and geographies, which is why we chose Tata Communications,” explains Soili Mäkinen, Chief Information Officer, Cargotec.

Tata Communications recently completed the world’s first wholly-owned round-the-world fibre optic cable network, bringing increased capacity, resilience and enhanced communications links to both developed and emerging markets.

Tata Communications owns and operates the world’s largest sub sea cable network, which, in combination with its other investments and commercial arrangements, has the ability to provide services to countries representing 99.7 per cent of the world’s GDP.

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