Tanla’s A2P messaging hub touches record monthly high of 5 billion messages

Tanla Solutions today announced that its A2P (application to Person) messaging hub, Fastrack, processed more than 5 billion messages in the month of October and also set a record of processing more than 200 million messages in a single day, making it the largest A2P messaging platform in the world by volume of messages processed.

“We have achieved this through our constant endeavour to improve Quality of Service and set new benchmarks in the industry for platform reliability and delivery speeds” commented Uday Reddy, CEO Tanla Solutions. He further added, “the A2P messaging market continues to grow, driven by its unparalleled reach, low cost of delivery and high read rate alongwith the constantly growing use cases.”

This milestone has been achieved by Fastrack’s continued ability to demonstrate the fastest processing times and reliability for mission critical messages like One Time Passwords, 2 factor authentication, Transaction, security and delivery alerts which are important to several industries like Banks, Ecommerce and Logistics.

In addition, it is the only platform that processes concatenated (multi-part) messages, which represents approximately 30% of all A2P messaging in India, in a reliable manner by using an intelligent algorithm that ensures that all parts of the message arrive on the phone in quick succession to be displayed accurately thereby eliminating charges for parts of the message delivered to the phone but are not readable.

The market for A2P messaging is continuing to grow worldwide and is estimated to be worth $60 billion by 2018, according to Juniper Research. A2P messaging is used for everything from providing reminders and time-critical alerts to banking services and payments; from mobile marketing and customer service updates to authentication and transaction oriented services.

Ecommerce sites, Social Networks and enterprises are driving the use of A2P messaging by providing more personalized and real-time customer services such as account updates, reminders or SMS-based two-factor authentication.


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