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The Talent Scenario in the Workplace of the Different States: Survey

The advanced technology has re-shaped value chains by making people and information more accessible, and has re-defined how work gets done. The challenging criteria of the demographic profile of employees and shifting the expectations of the work experience has changes the traditional meaning of the term ‘go to work’.

The competitive opportunities for people to get employed remained uncertain and there is a huge demand of the skilled employees.

In the recent report of Youth4work which throws insights on the talent scenario of the states in India. Various insights drawn with an aim to understand the talent scenario in the states can help skill development agencies, including training institutes and colleges, to plan measures that further improve the scenarios.

Rachit Jain, CEO of says, “We consider Talent is an individual’s inclination towards any productive skill that can be employed to generate income for the economy. Youth4work empowers people to self-assess and showcase their talents to the world. People take up self-assessments to show a stronger intent towards a talent and understand their relative standing w.r.t. other talented people. The insights and suggestions in this report can help to improve the relevant employability scenarios in those states.”

Based on the analysis that considers number of people who self-assessed their talents, average rating for the talents and variation across and within states:

The people of Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh show less intent towards self-assessing their talents, whereas people in Maharashtra and Delhi take more initiatives to showcase their talents.

People in all states recognize the importance of Aptitude as a professional talent and make efforts to self-assess and improve the same.

People in all states also seem to understand the need for soft skills related talents like English Language and Communication Skills and make efforts to know and understand their relative position for them. People from Delhi have better Communication Skills than other states, whereas people from Uttar Pradesh have the most scope to improve. English Language usage understanding, people from Karnataka come out to be the best of the lot, whereas Andhra Pradesh lags in this as well. Delhi also leads ahead of all other states for Aptitude, whereas Tamil Nadu stands last.

In Marketing skills also, people of Maharashtra are ahead of all crowd from other states, whereas people in Karnataka exhibit very cohesive performance.

Scenarios can provide the nature of the environments, where the complexity of players and situations which implements how a candidate’s ability.

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