TAC Security to provide solution to fight against cyber attacks in UK

TAC Security, the cyber-security solutions provider with a mission to anticipate, resolve and mitigate customers’ cyber security risks and challenges so as to make their data and information world safe, secure and seamless, today announced that it has designed a special service to fight UK Cyber War.

TAC Security Solutions helps corporate giants recognize their weaknesses and vulnerabilities before the fraudulent hackers can use them adversely and cause harm. TAC provides network, application & web security solutions to corporate giants, Governments and Law enforcement agencies.

Speaking on the international move, Trishneet Arora, a renowned cyber-security expert & ethical hacker and the Founder & CEO, TAC security Solutions, commented, “Britain is setting up a new HQ in London to fight against the burgeoning number of cyber-attacks coming from countries including Russia, China as well as terrorist and criminal organisations and we want to play our part in helping them to fight against cyber terrorism that is plaguing our world. We are already providing our state-of-the-art cyber security services to various clients here in Europe and UK and we are committed to tirelessly protect people and businesses against such deeply damaging cyber attacks.”

Some of Britain’s best technological minds are working closely with the Government to build up defenses to stop malware and phishing emails automatically. TAC’s new service, TAC-CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team) was launched this January by Industry and Commerce Minister of Punjab, India and now we are launching the same service in UK.

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