Tableau Online 9.0 makes cloud analytics faster than ever

Tableau has updated its cloud analytics solution, Tableau Online, to version 9.0. The upgrade brings faster performance, additional live database connection support, Single Sign-on support, and a slew of new features designed to help people achieve more with their data in the cloud, such as:

  • A complete redesign of Tableau Online to deliver a faster, more scalable, resilient, and extensible platform. Capabilities like parallel queries, query fusion, vectorization and

smarter query caches make Tableau Online as much as ten times faster.

  • More data connections with new support to let people connect directly to popular databases like MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server on cloud-hosted platforms including Amazon RDS and Windows Azure. This is in addition to existing support for Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery, Google Analytics, and
  • A new way for people to keep on-premises data fresh in the cloud, called Tableau Online Sync. For organizations transitioning their data to the cloud, or for anyone with data stored behind the firewall, this feature will make it easier than ever to keep cloud analytics up to date.
  • Increased security with single sign on support via SAML2.0, allowing embedding and Active Directory synchronization through corporate identity providers.
  • More ways to see your data in the tools you use every day, with support for easy embedding of Tableau dashboards in Salesforce via Canvas.

“More and more organizations are moving to the cloud and bringing their data with them,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President, Product Management at Tableau. “Tableau Online 9.0 not only is faster than ever, but it makes it easier for customers to keep their dashboards in the cloud up-to-date, and supports even simpler embedding in popular cloud platforms like Salesforce. This is a fantastic update for our cloud customers.”

Tableau Online, Tableau’s fastest-growing product, is an enterprise-grade, cloud business intelligence solution that makes rapid-fire analytics easier than ever. More than 2,000 customer accounts around the world use Tableau Online for fast and easy analytics in the cloud, including large and small businesses, nonprofit groups, and institutions of learning.

Chainalytics, a leader in supply chain consulting and analytics, provides transportation market research to more than 140 organizations worldwide. The company maintains data on more than $25 billion worth of transportation costs as well as millions of transactions. Tableau Online has changed how Chainalytics shares this data with its customers, giving them a more rapid path to developing procurement strategies and helping find cost-savings opportunities. Tableau Online gives Chainalytics’ customers near instantaneous, self-service access to cloud-based visualizations to help them make decisions about their business.

Private jet charter company Jetsuite is using Tableau Online to analyze data and share insights across its business. Jetsuite wanted to empower people in all kinds of business roles to see and understand data coming from different systems and different databases. With Tableau Online, Jetsuite’s team can access data in the cloud, on mobile, and in a way that is secure and fast – even on a JetSuite aircraft at 40,000 fe

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