T-Schools Conference 2019: Industry, Academia Looking to Collaborate

Education across the academia in India are looking at change. We need to ask the question as well: is what being taught in the technical colleges enough? Are they in line with the ongoing processes across the various industry verticals? Are the various happenings across the world finding their way into the national curriculum for colleges in India?

There needs to be new methodologies across the spectrum – curriculum, infrastructure, processes, and people. This would go a long way in tackling the education challenges, and meeting the expectations from the various industry segments.

The forthcoming T-Schools conference, being organised by Dataquest India, will try and address these and the many other challenges.

There is an interesting opening session where the Indian industry will collaborate for infrastructure. Specifically, how do we leverage ICT to transform infrastructure across the engineering colleges.

Another session will look at the technology advantages. Specifically, what will be the power of online, social and emerging technologies for enhancing the reach, quality, affordability, and speed.

An afternoon session will look at collaborating for curriculum. It will address how the academia, the industry and the employers can transform the education quality. This is actually the need of the hour, with the industry constantly telling us the need for providing quality students that can be integrated into the workforce.

The conference aims to focus on the current state of ICT education in India. It will look at how the engineering schools are also upping the ante to stay relevant to the market demands.

The top priorities for tech spending at engineering colleges, and which are directly related to educational outcomes are:

* Create the infrastructure for delivering new curricula in technology

* Creating engaging educational experience that integrates physical and digital worlds or enabling the digital transformation of education

* Enabling new forms of collaboration among students, between students and faculty, and between institutions and industry

* Providing greater access to classes, curricula and other educational content

Key decision-makers from over 100 T-Schools from around the country will get together to discuss the strategic issues related to technical education in the country.

This group also represents the powerful group of buyers of technology in higher education. They would buy technology products, solutions, and services ranging from IT infrastructure, cloud services, collaboration technologies, applications, analytics, AI, and AR/VR technologies amongst others. It is an opportunity not to be missed if you are targeting the Rs. 4,000+ crore plus market opportunity in higher education.

Technology will have a huge impact on the future of education in India.

Some of the key speakers include:

  • Prof. Pankaj Jalote, Director IIIT, Delhi
  • Lt. Gen Dr. S P Kochhar (Retd.) CEO, TSSC
  • Dr. MPS Bhatia, Professor,Computer Engg, Netaji Subhas University of Technology
  • Dr. Sunil Pandey, Director IT, ITS Ghaziabad
  • Dr. Gagan Deep Arora, Dean, ITS Engineering College

As for sponsors, IBM is the Gold Partner, and Epson is the Silver Partner.

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