T-School Employability Index Survey

T-School Employability Index Survey 2021: How Institutes Performed in Terms of Securing Placement for Students

T-School Employability Index Survey 2021 reveals how institutes performed when it came to securing placement for their students amidst the raging pandemic

T-School Employability Index Survey 2021, which is a new study by DQ and CMR around employability, shows how different educational institutes performed when it came to securing placement for their students amid the raging pandemic. This was measured by the Employability Index, which means possessing a set of qualifications, skills, understandings, and personal attributes that make students likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations.

The Edutech Practice at CMR scanned its vast sector knowledge base and updated it via an intense desk study during the initial preparatory foundation phase of the T-School Employability Index Survey. The goal of the initial groundwork phase was to locate and list all of India’s technical schools and top hiring HR managers. Higher education institutions run by the government and private educational institutions were listed individually. The survey included colleges that were founded before 2017 and offered B.E., B. Tech., or similar-level graduate technical degrees and hiring HRs of top companies.

At the end of the desk research phase, an invitation was extended to all shortlisted institutions and HRs on behalf of DQ and CMR to participate in the nationwide survey. The results of the survey have been listed below.

T-School Employability Ranking 2021

The overall top government and private institutions are as follows:

Government T-School Employability Ranking 2021

Regional T-School Employability Ranking 2021

Private Sector T-School Employability Ranking 2021

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