Swipe Ultimate offers mobility to on-the-move executives

Onkar Sharma
New Update
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Swipe Technologies launched ‘Ultimate Tab 3G’, which the company claimed as India’s first TabTop with built in 3G. Dataquest had this tab for business review that is to look at its day-to-day usability or functionality in an executive's life.  Swipe’s newest Intel Processor-powered tablet PC, Swipe Ultimate 3G Tab is an upgrade over its previous variant with inbuilt 3G sim and direct USB 3.0.


We used the tablet for all kinds of office chores and tried using all kind of applications such as spreadsheets, presentations, graphic-rich documents and videos. No doubt the tab proved true to its claims and gave healthy performance most of the time. However, we faced minor issues when there were so many files opened. Switching between files during the heavy usages was also becoming an issue. However, these were minor issues.

All in all the TabTop, as the company calls it, tried to outsmart the regular laptop. Yet it does not mean that it is a true replacement for the laptop or desktop at workplace. It comes with its own minuses. This is a device highly recommended to the sales workforce which does not have to do a lot of graphic heavy work or which does not have to use the big screens for long hours. It allows you to execute your light work in an easy way as its detachable keyboard gives you the freedom to type text almost like the laptop.

Unfortunately you are limited to a 32-bit edition of Windows, which means some recent programs will not run. You also get one year of Office 365. But Swipe has not bundled any other software, not even a security suite. So you have to spend from your pocket on security suite.

The biggest disadvantage is its memory which is only 32GB. It falls short eventually you store data on the device. But you can complement this with an external hard-drive, on which you have to spend separately.

In essence, the Swipe Ultimate is perfectly suitable for light productivity, Web surfing, minimal multitasking and a bit of entertainment on the side. It is responsive and boots up quickly. It can turn out to be a good friend to on-the-move executives and sales professionals.

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