Swiggy Revamps App Interface with Personalized Preferences

New Update

Swiggy announced the launch of its revamped app. Newly designed keeping in mind the food ordering patterns of Swiggy’s growing user base, the app that has been rolled out to 100% of Swiggy’s users across Android and iOS platforms. It now enables easier discovery of food and restaurants, faster order placing, and a seamless ordering and tracking experience.


Equipped with a fresh and easy-to-use interface that provides a snapshot of trending offers, new and popular options from the neighbourhood, and personalised suggestions for restaurants and dishes, the app is designed to delight users all the way from order to delivery.

“The revamped app fully achieves our objective of providing a superior food ordering and delivery experience to users,” says Anuj Rathi, VP – Products, Swiggy. “We observed their ordering patterns over the years and realised that every user has a unique food ordering journey. Some are undecided on what they want, and explore their options on the app; others come in with a specific craving, like “I’m in the mood for some Chinese food”; and then there are some who know exactly what they want to order. We have re-engineered the app, making it more intuitive and personalised.”

Here are the changes that you will find with the new Swiggy app:


Easier Restaurant Discovery: Restaurant details on the app will load 30 percent faster than before. The “neighbourhood snapshot” on the home banner gives an overview of the deals of the day, as well as new and trending restaurants, so that users can discover twice as many new guides on the app. It also has persistent filters to help users find the most popular restaurants in the neighbourhood, the best offers, and the shortest delivery time.

Greater Personalisation: Aided by machine learning, the app personalises the list of restaurants that users can view, based on their past orders, searches, and interactions with the app. This reduces the time to arrive at the choice of restaurants and dishes by half.

Quicker Decision-making: Tags for restaurants (“newly opened”, “daily changing menus”, “repeat”) and dishes (“bestsellers”, “must try”) aid quicker decision-making. The app also provides useful information such as restaurant ratings, reviews, cost for two, and restaurant-specific charges, which helps users in making an informed decision.


Intuitive Dish Selection: Instead of horizontally swiping across categories, users can browse the complete menu with a single gesture – a vertical swipe or tap on a button that quickly goes to the dish category of their choice. Dish tags enable easy, and sometimes surprising discovery of specialty dishes. Further, the dish-customization sequence has been revamped to reduce the number of taps by half.

Faster Reordering: “Repeat” tags for preferred restaurants and dishes, and a complete order history helps users reorder their favourites with just a tap.

Simpler Order Tracking: Live order tracking is one of the most loved features of the Swiggy app. The revamped app shares the expected time of arrival (ETA) of the order in real-time.

Srinath Rangamani, VP – Design, Swiggy adds, “At Swiggy, we aim to help users explore their choices in the easiest and fastest manner possible. We realised that users often don’t get a chance to peruse the entire menu because of the limited one-handed gestures that we are accustomed to. So, we redesigned the app in such a way that the full menu could be accessed with a single vertical swipe. It needs only minimal navigation and is suited to both left-handed and right-handed usage; all in an uncluttered and unconstrained environment.”

Since the mobile web is still the first touchpoint for many users, it has been built as a progressive web app. This gives users the same app-like experience by reducing the first page load time to less than a second, using less data and engaging them in multiple ways.

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