SVC Bank’s IT team ties up with Commvault and Pentagon

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The increasing growth in customer data has led to a reappraisal of how partnerships between banks and data management platforms can better drive success in the future. New age banks are upping the ante to find value in tie-ups with data management providers, to help them build innovative solutions and provide customers with a seamless experience.


The SVC Co-op. Bank (SVC Bank) is one of India’s top three urban co-operative banks. Founded in 1906, SVC Bank has expanded to 198 branches and 5000 ATMs nationwide, offering personal, corporate and NRI banking. It is also the first bank in India to deliver a Single Window Core Banking Solution to other financial institutions.

Recently, SVC Bank tied up with Pentagon Systems and Services, a partner of Commvault, to improve their data systems and offer smart and diverse solutions to customers and partner organisations. Commvault was selected to manage SVC Bank’s data due to its ability to best support business requirements with better backup performance, availability of data and cost savings.

Partnership with Commvault for scalable and effective backup


The decision to join hands with Commvault was taken after a thorough needs analysis assessment, including a Proof of Concept demonstration by Pentagon, that showcased all Commvault’s features and functionalities directly on SVC Bank’s environment. With an exponential increase in customer data, the Bank had to organise and maintain its system backups through legacy systems and tape management. SVC Bank’s existing backup software that was distributed between three domains made it time consuming and expensive to manage and maintain multiple backup servers and tapes.

The efficient implementation of Commvault’s Backup & Recovery solution by Pentagon enabled SVC Bank to reduce its total backup process time by 40%, enabling a full backup in just 36 hours. In addition, SVC Bank was able to migrate to disk-based backup, removing the limitations on data retention when backing up to tape. This allowed SVC Bank to run multiple backup jobs at one time, increasing efficiency and reducing the load on the production server.

As SVC Bank is an Application Service Provider (ASP) company for several other banks in India, implementing a fast backup and easy recovery management solution that is compliant to the industry’s latest regulations is an imperative requirement to reduce any downtime.

After partnering with Commvault, SVC Bank is now able to directly access backup from disks instead of off-site tape cartridges, tremendously improving the time for data restoration. The Disaster Recovery (DR) Enable feature delivered by Commvault also offered SVC Bank the ability to access a copy of data backups easily from any DR location.

Speaking about the innovative solution, Mr. Ajit Venugopalan, Managing Director, SVC Bank said, “With multiple backup domains and a long backup window, it was difficult for us to maintain a high level of data retention through a manual tape inventory. Commvault’s Data Protection solutions directly addressed these issues, by providing the flexibility to continue to export data backups to tape devices while reducing costs. We are now empowered to deliver a solution that is scalable, reliable and compliant to the latest industry regulations, all while increasing customer satisfaction and driving business revenues."

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