”Customers can now resolve performance problems up to 25 times faster”

What factors are driving the development of CA Infrastructure Management (CAIM)?

Today, the increase in IT adoption is leading to the current trends of BYOD, consumerization of IT, and big data. Consumers have come to expect easy, immediate access to innovative services, and this in turn has put pressure on IT organizations to deliver a similar level of service innovation. CIOs are realizing the need for robust IT infrastructure to deliver business results on time. We developed CAIM to help our enterprise and service provider customers capture, engage, and retain customer. With this solution, customers can resolve performance problem up to 25x faster at approximately less than 50% of the total cost.

How enterprises and service providers can use CAIM to improve service quality?

CAIM can help to resolve performance problems up to 25 times faster than our previous version. CAIM provides customers with comprehensive service visibility to help ensure the availability and performance of business services and infrastructure they rely on. This convergence of technologies helps provide end – to- end application response time monitoring that track, measures and analyzes application performance across the network infrastructure, compare the response time against baselines and thresholds and alerts on any performance deterioration to deliver application.
Our typical enterprise customers are dealing with challenges of personal mobile devices in the workplace, increased application complexity, tremendous growth of video traffic on the network, and a significant increase in the use of cloud service providers-all operating on heavily virtualized infrastructures.
This translates into unprecedented IT complexity and performance management challenges that directly affect the business services used by customers and could negatively impact the end-user experience. They need visibility end-to-end and top-to-bottom across the new era of enterprise infrastructure.
CA Infrastructure Management streamlines operations and improve efficiency by offering a single source of actionable insight for performance, availability, flow, capacity and application response, delivered through pre-defined dashboards that can be easily modified as need change.
Managed service providers (MSPs) will only survive if they deliver differentiated, reliable services in high volume at the lowest possible cost using the fewest resources. CA Infrastructure Management enables MSPs to deliver differentiated services that sustain profitability and growth by supporting native multi-tenancy that drives economies of scale.

What role did CA Technologies customers and partners play in the development of CAIM?

We had more than 608 participants and around 180 companies engaged in dialog throughout the development process.

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