Subex Systems

Bangalore-based company moves up from #31 to #24. Subex,
for the full financial year 2000-01 ended March, reported revenues of Rs 55.24
crore, up 77%, while net profit jumped by 107% to Rs 10.39 crore. Subex is
ranked at #14 in sales growth, #18 in profit growth, and its gross block grew by
136% to Rs 10.98 crore, placing it at #6 in growth in this category. Subex is
ranked at #34, #30 and #42 in sales, net profit and gross block, respectively.
Dealing in software services and products with a strong focus on the telecom
domain, the company provides services in the areas of telecom applications,
network management, quality of service measurement, switch interface, call
simulation and other systems software.

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