Our strategy has always been to invest in a platform-centric approach

Pradeep Khurana

Going Digital- what does it mean to you and your organization?

Digital for us as an organization is about empowering the customer and is our number one priority. When a customer wants the right credit card, traditionally he/she would have to approach a sales representative who will then pitch the various products to them. The customer in this instance is subject to a vast amount of information that he/she is expected to absorb and understand in a short period of time and come to a decision. For us to be digital is all about empowering our customers with the right information that is easily accessible to them and allows the customer to make the decision to buy a certain product. The platform must help the customer navigate through various products on offer and its features to ascertain if a product is suitable for them. A company should make use of sound and reliable IT platforms to make sure that the customer has a hassle free experience.

What are your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or already coming in and solutions deployed?

Our strategy has always been to invest in a platform centric  approach and building a culture of innovation that focuses on improving customer processes. These are the two basic principles we employ in our business strategy. This strategy does not have a beginning or an end to it, it is an ongoing process. Implementation of this strategy ensures that the power is in the hands of the customer which is a key component of our digital plan.

We have teams who are responsible for the improvement of customer processes on different platforms – Agile. An example of how it works is that until two years ago, for loans booking, a feature on our card, one would have to call the customer care center and have the agent explain the entire process. In the conversation they have with the agent, multiple pieces of information are conveyed and the customer has to give his/her consent. The Agile project has digitized and mapped the entire process to make it user-friendly and ensure that it is a one-click journey for the customer on the mobile app.

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