Sterlite Tech Leverages Red Hat Technology to Enable Programmable Networks of the Future

Sterlite Tech will develop open and agile solutions that help accelerate digital transformation in the global communications industry

New Update

Sterlite Tech, a global data networks solutions company, announced that they will develop and deliver software-enabled programmable solutions using Red Hat’s portfolio of open, enterprise-grade technologies. The solutions will enable communication service providers, enterprises and citizen networks to realise the full potential of web-scale Network Function Virtualisation Infrastructure (NFVI) platform, for their network automation and Software Defined Network (SDN) initiatives.


Given the volume and variability in data demand by end users in today’s digital landscape, the networks of today and tomorrow need to be higher-speed, more secure, programmable and more reliable. To enable this, Sterlite Tech will leverage Red Hat’s suite to help develop a solution-stack that is more open and vendor agnostic. This will be set up at Sterlite Tech’s Centre for Smarter Networks (CSN), showcasing its SDN and NFV offerings and next-generation revenue-management software, which builds upon the Red Hat NFV solution.

“Sterlite Tech is leading the development of software-defined and artificial intelligence platforms that will program optical networks for service providers, delivering intelligent services and a superior experience to their customers,” said Anshoo Gaur, CEO - Telecom Software Business, Sterlite Tech. “Ayush Sharma, an industry leader in SDN and artificial intelligence platforms, has joined us recently to lead this strategic initiative,” Gaur added. Ayush being one of the founding members of the open SDN movement has been a big advocate of leveraging hardened open source in production networks.

Sterlite Tech and the global industry realises that programmability and openness cannot be achieved without using open specifications and production-grade open-source code. “Red Hat is a leader when it comes to putting open-source code in production, and we are delighted to partner with them,” asserted Gaur.

“Open source software, specifically infrastructure as a platform, for NFV can give communications service providers more flexibility and agility to adjust to industry changes and help to accelerate delivery of new services with an innovative, open and interoperable architecture. We are excited to work with Sterlite Tech as we share a common purpose to transform the design, build-out and management of networks based on open-source technologies,” said, Ben Henshall, Country Manager, Red Hat - India.

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