Speeding On With IT

has replaced its legacy IT systems with a totally integrated Web-based ERP
application called GEMS (Gati Enterprise Management System), connecting 340
locations within and outside India. Meant for both internal and external users,
Gati built a network connecting 120-plus locations on terrestrial links, while
others access the application via dial up.

Besides establishing a datacenter, it has automated key processes that
include pickup process, transit or en-route, delivery, tracking, fleet
management, billing, customer service, etc. Gati’s key activity of capturing
dockets (airway bill/shipment note) for transit, tracking and billing went
online, ensuring error-free capture of information. For key customers, data can
be uploaded using their systems and barcode stickers can be generated at the
customers’ premises, speeding up the entire process.

GS Ravi Kumar, CIO, Gati
Champion CIO Award Mid-sized Enterprise Category

Customer service has been highly impacted with use of Web-enabled services.
The result: faster response and proactive information through auto mail, SMS,
etc. The company has seen considerable reduction in customer complaints for the
shipping status. Gati has experienced high impact on delivery of the goods as it
gets advance information on the load to be distributed. Its sales and contract
management activities have also been impacted, with the flexibility to provide
multiple combination rates to different locations and customization.

Some of Gati’s projects of excellence include implementation of GEMS,
Oracle CRM and financials, e-HR system, warehouse management system, and Lotus
mailing and instant messaging system. A high impact on internal communication
has resulted in the flow of 80,000 mails within the 340 locations on a daily

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