Speed of digital transformation to accelerate across SMEs in 2020: TTBS

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), belonging to the prestigious Tata group of companies, is the country’s leading enabler of connectivity and communication solutions for businesses. With services ranging from connectivity, collaboration, cloud, security, IoT and marketing solutions, TTBS offers the largest portfolio of ICT services for businesses in India.

Harjit Singh Chauhan,  President, Enterprise Business, Tata Teleservices Ltd, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

Harjit Singh ChauhanDQI Bureau | DATAQUEST

DQ: What is Tata Tele Business Services’ overall market and growth strategy for 2020 and the upcoming plans to grow the market share in new emerging trends?

Harjit Singh Chauhan: Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping the business environments across as such with digital-tech capabilities taking center-stage to ensure business survival and growth. Digital agility will be a critical factor for the newly remote workforce to communicate and collaborate effectively and for employees and customers to have reliable access to applications and services that they need.

At Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), our overall market strategy has been to continue to empower the businesses with innovative bespoke solutions that help them maintain business continuity. We anticipate the speed of digital transformation to accelerate across SMEs in 2020, given their experience during the pandemic. Since the outbreak of the pandemic we have seen an uptake in the adoption of new-age digital technologies like cloud-based solutions, collaboration solutions, and IoT and data management solutions across industries.

Also, with Industry 4.0 being a key growth driver for us, our growth strategy is centered around strengthening our portfolio of services especially in the areas of SaaS, IaaS, IoT and Cloud while simultaneously enhancing our network, channel and sales capabilities to cover as much of the enterprise footprint as possible. We shall continue to play the role of technology enabler to the enterprises by providing digital platforms that significantly impact the competitiveness of our customers and enable them to DO BIG.

DQ: What are the opportunities with respect to the adoption of next-gen technologies by Tata Tele Business Services, such as IoT, AI, cloud and big data across enterprises?

Harjit Singh Chauhan: Digital adoption and transformation may start to progress even more rapidly as India becomes the largest work from home market. IoT and AI, being scalable solutions will witness a massive boost, driven by new use cases to accelerate automation of processes and systems, and reduce human interactions; enterprises will invest in these for long-term benefits.

These technologies give organizations the ability to develop new business models, which offers endless benefits such as improved real-time interaction with customers, accurate insights, better inventory management, higher employee productivity, better resource allocation, effective forecasting resulting in more efficient business decisions.

In the enterprise segment, we are witnessing a significant growth in adoption of these new age technologies such as IoT, AI and cloud. TTBS already has an IoT practice focused on location-based Services like Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Workforce Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, among others. We believe that the IoT market will grow exponentially and we will continue to strengthen our IoT services as per our customers’ requirements.

We have expanded our cloud computing capacity to manage the surge in the data demand during the pandemic. Our customized and scalable hosted cloud platforms ‘Secure Connect’ to the cloud, making a public cloud private and help in managing end to end business encryptions. Since data analytics is going to be a major draw for digital enterprises to enhance business intelligence, cloud’s strategic support in scaling small business gives them a rationale to leverage this technology.

DQ: How is TTBS supporting the enterprises and SMBs across industry sectors with various work-from-home and smart solutions?

Harjit Singh Chauhan: We have strengthened our suite of ‘Work from Home’ solutions to meet the demands of the decentralized workforce. Solutions like “Hosted IVR” allow enterprises to quickly set up distributed call centers and enable agents to work from home. Others like hosted PBX, audio and web conferencing solutions, international bridging services ensure connectivity and collaboration amongst teams spread geographically across the globe. These solutions appropriately address the security aspects arising out of a distributed and remote working environment and enable customers maintain ‘business as usual’ mode while not compromising on efficiency and productivity.

Concurrently, our solution experts are holding constant interactive consultative sessions for our customers to help them smoothly integrate these solutions within their existing technological framework with minimum disruptions. In addition to this, we continue to engage digitally with prospect customers through our Do Big Forums to address their ICT requirements and help them chart their digital journey.

DQ: What are the key differentiators of Tata Teleservices, vis-à-vis, the competition?

Harjit Singh Chauhan: At Tata Teleservices, our strategic focus as a service provider has been on delivering higher business value to our customers. Having been in the enterprise space for around two decades, we have a deep understanding of our customers across industry segments. This is reflected in our product innovations that have been widely recognized in the industry, be it our cloud-based solutions, collaboration solutions, or IoT and data management solutions.

Our customer-centric approach that touches every aspect of the value chain of the organization and our largest channel partner network has enabled us to sustain a growth trajectory which has been better than the industry. We have continued to invest in rolling out a high capacity, high resilience fiber network and deploying the latest IT tools and business applications.

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