The Spatium Wallet project to be at the International Blockchain Congress

Leaders from the worlds of blockchain and finance will converge in Hyderabad to discuss the current state and the future of the cryptosphere

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The creators of the Spatium Wallet will present their recently unveiled project at the International Blockchain Congress, which is taking place in Hyderabad, India from August 2 to 5.


Leaders from the worlds of blockchain and finance will converge in Hyderabad to discuss the current state and the future of the cryptosphere, as well as to evaluate the most promising crypto startups. The Spatium team went after a core usability problem of crypto.

“Current crypto wallets are not fully secure and hold up your funds at the exact moment you need to move/trade them,” notes the Spatium project’s CEO, Geray Yusifov. To address this issue, the Spatium project packed its team with top software and hardware engineers, traders, and security experts. It all paid off when they created their unique Spatium Protocol, which became the basis of an unhackable, multiplatform wallet that already supports over 100 cryptocurrencies.

The Spatium wallet aims to usher in the 3rd generation of crypto wallets that finally allows professional traders and newcomers alike to participate in the cryptosphere without the fear of losing all their funds to a hack.


“The Spatium protocol uses a combination of a number of well-known and proven technologies, including the Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) algorithm,” notes Aliaksei Ivanou, the project’s Lead Developer and the security mastermind behind the Spatium protocol: “The Spatium Protocol employs multiple devices to sign transactions. These devices could be your mobile phone, your desktop computer, your smartwatch or even our own hardware wallet.”

The team is planning an ICO event later this year to fund the production of the first batch of its hardware wallets. While their software wallet is already claiming a better level of security than today’s hardware wallets, Dilya Zhanispayeva, the Business Development leader of the Spatium project, sees clear benefits of offering consumers a more secure hardware wallet:  “Our credit card-shaped, NFC/bluetooth (no Internet) hardware wallet will provide additional functionality like fingerprint authorization, easy restoration of lost data, and interaction with many other parts of the Spatium ecosystem.”

One of the advantages of the Spatium wallet is that it can integrate any coin into the wallet quickly - with over 100 coins and tokens already supported.

The project’s success in securing crypto assets without slowing down functionality already brought onboard Lon Wong, Takashi Nishide, and several other well-known individuals who understand and lead the crypto space and the technology behind it.

The Spatium project has a long-term vision. The wallet is a key first step. Subsequent steps encompass an entire ecosystem, including a DEX, and ICO Platform, a Portfolio Investment platform, a B2B wallet, and more. The team is really taking up the challenge of giving crypto users every function a trader of traditional financial instruments has come to expect, along with the same level of security.

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