SpadeWorx is a pioneer of UCSE methodology

Whats all this brouhaha about user-orientation of
About 80% of total maintenance costs are related to user problems with the
systems. These are not related to technical bugs. And then 64% of these are pure
usability problems. Typically software applications are defined and driven by
business needs. Most of the time development ignores the end-user group as major
attention goes to functional needs.

So how does user centered software engineering propose
to change the scenario?
This new style encompasses contextual experience, usability, and rich
interactivity. This gives visibility in user demands, challenges, patterns and
perceptions. The software requirements match user expectations. And it also
helps in business process adoption by end-users. Additionally, it reduces
re-work, total cost of development, besides leverage of back-end systems.

How much role do user interfaces play then?
The interfaces become more robust, intuitive, expressive and interesting. It
also provides immediate and dynamic visual feedback to end-user. Also, rich
interactivity doesnt necessarily mean a heavy graphic user interface (GUI) or a
high-fidelity piece. An easy-to-spot emergency button on a cars wheel is an apt
example of usability. Relevance is more important. UCSE is definitely beyond UI.

Does this re-orientation promise enough market as well?
Well, according to Gartner, by 2010 over 60% new projects will have rich
interactive applications (RIA) technology. RIA adoption is, in fact, helping
companies improve productivity to new levels with better tools.

Hows your company working the concept out in action?
SpadeWorx is a pioneer of UCSE methodology to design and develop software
solutions that are relevant and contextual to the end-users. UCSE has been
conceptualized and trademarked by SpadeWorx. We cover application services,
product engineering services, and application development for smart devices
(mobile applications for enterprises & consumers). The company invests
approximatley 15% of annual revenue into solution incubation based emerging
trends and technologies.

Pratima Harigunani/CMN

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