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Sony forays into education segment in India

Sony enters the Education space in India by introducing Sony Global Education (SGE) products to the country. SGE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation. Founded in 2015, its mission is “to provide a range of unifying, non-traditional services that inspire a passion for learning across the world and that offer the opportunity to act on this passion, and to create a new educational infrastructure for a connected society.” As part of this new approach, Sony plans to launch ‘Global Math Challenge’ (GMC) in India, which is currently available in Japan, US, China and few other countries.

Mr. Masaaki Isozu, the President of Sony Global Education said, “SGE started with the mission of bringing innovation to the education industry through products, applications and services to create educational infrastructure that everyone can access. When anyone, anywhere can easily get a quality education, anyone can learn and compete successfully in modern society. Our objective is to make this a reality.” He added, saying, “By launching it in India, we would like to provide a stimulating educational environment and inspire a passion for learning across the country.”

Mr. Kenichiro Hibi, Managing Director, Sony India, said, “Looking at the importance and value Indian society gives to education and learning, we are happy to launch the India chapter of Sony Global Education in order to support STEM education in the country.”

Use of Information Technology to improvise the Quality of Education

Advances in information technology have already changed the way people learn. There is multitude of ways in which technology can contribute to improving the quality of education. Sony has earlier shown how technology can restructure a person’s lifestyle, and education is another field in which IT can surely contribute to positive changes. One of Sony’s founding principles was ‘to promote science education among the general public.’

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based Approach

In the past, education standards have varied from country to country or even from school to school. There has been a recent trend towards the development of education in the core subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) worldwide. Access to the Internet has contributed to dramatic changes in education, in countries throughout the world. These changes are affecting not only the content and methods, but even the basic objectives of education. The approach of SGE is based on STEM, which are essential in education and human resource development across the world. 

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