Sonus and Cellusys Partner to Address SS7 Security Vulnerabilities

Sonus Networks and Cellusys announced they are partnering to provide mobile and fixed network operators with a multi-layer Signaling System 7 (SS7) security solution.

SS7 is a telecommunications standard that provides the signaling for network operators to set up and tear down calls, route Short Message Service (SMS) messages, support inter-network connectivity and transparent roaming, and provide per-session information. As SS7 networks have expanded outside of trusted operator environments, security exposures have revealed network vulnerabilities.

With the joint Sonus and Cellusys solution, Sonus’ STP manages traffic and secures the network from unauthorized access through whitelist, blacklist and gateway screening and accounting, stopping malicious attacks before they reach core network elements. For SS7 messages where there are concerns regarding legitimacy, the STP forwards the message to Cellusys’ Signaling Firewall to provide context and stateful message assessment to ensure private information is not exposed. In addition to security, the solution also delivers unparalleled scalability, advanced number portability and detailed reporting.

The Sonus STP and the Cellusys Signaling Firewall support Diameter protocols, delivering resiliency and investment protection to customers migrating from SS7 to Diameter and Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks.

“With billions of mobile subscribers still being served by SS7, network operators must address today’s SS7 security flaws while providing network operators with investment protection during their multi-year migrations to Diameter,” said Stephane Teral, Senior Research Director, IHS Technology. “Network operators will look to vendor solutions that will protect their subscribers from these malicious attacks.”

“In a mobile-first world, consumers should not have to worry about getting hacked or tracked,” said Bill Welch, Sonus senior product manager, Signaling Solutions. “By addressing SS7 security flaws, Sonus and Cellusys provide mobile network operators with a solution that increases subscriber trust levels and decreases churn rates.”

“There’s a lot of discussion around the migration to Diameter and LTE Networks. Yet, SS7 protocol-based networks serve the vast majority of mobile subscribers and indications are that SS7 will be around for quite some years,” said Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO, Cellusys. “With increasing interest on SS7 security flaws from global mainstream media – and from network operators and subscribers – it’s critical we address these vulnerabilities immediately. We are optimistic about working with Sonus to provide network operators with a complete security solution to counter these malicious attacks.”

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