Solutions For A Webbed Enterprise

Baan E-Enterprise consists of three web-based applications–Baan E-Sales, Baan E-Collaboration and Baan E-Procurement. The new Baan application suite does not require reinvestment in a new back office foundation. Instead, it enables customers to leverage their existing investment in Baan Operations Management, Corporate Management and Customer Management software by offering packaged ‘snap-in’ integration with these products.

The Baan E-Enterprise has the following modules:

Baan E-Sales: This is designed for business-to-business selling environments. It is an internet-based, unassisted sales solution that enables businesses to sell directly or through channel partners and offer a secure, personalized buying experience. It offers ‘snap-in’ integration with BaanFront Office and Baan ERP solutions to ensure consistency among sales channels, while leveraging the order management capabilities of ERP. 

The features it offers include:

  • Multimedia product catalogs, quotes and order list management.

  • Self-service lookups for real-time access to key information, including
    negotiated prices, product availability, sales order status and invoices.

  • Available proven configuration technology enabling even complex products and services to be accurately defined and ordered within minutes.

Baan E-Collaboration : This is an XML-based supply chain collaboration solution that provides greater access to enterprise information. It also enables business partners to interact online to improve the accuracy of
communication, decrease supply-chain cycle times and reduce the overall cost of doing business. 

E-Collaboration also offers the following key features:

  • Centralized hosting of key documents such as purchase orders, forecasts and shipping notices in a web-based repository.
    n Secure, sharable documents published in XML and pulled from Baan systems with notification to key business partners involved with each document.

  • Real-time resolution of complex pricing and availability issues using Microsoft NetMeeting.

Baan E-Procurement: This is an intranet-based, indirect procurement solution for BaanERP. It automates a largely paper-based process to purchase office supplies and MRO items. E-Procurement reduces the cost of a purchase order by up to 80%, while installing best-practice controls across the enterprise to better manage corporate spending. 

The main features include:

  • A tailored and controlled buying experience for employees via an intranet-based requisitioning system.

  • A consolidated multi-vendor product catalog with customized content maintained by the purchasing department or a third-party service.

  • Workflow-defined user limits and rules fully supporting the approval process along with user spending limits and rules. 

Baan.agility comprises of a fully web-enabled set of customer-centric services. The company claims that the new portfolio, designed to be seamlessly integrated with Baan product offerings, is scalable, collaborative and agile to meet the quickly changing needs of customers doing business in today’s volatile market spaces. 

The Baan.agility portfolio will include:

  • aagility.method: This is a methodology to guide implementation, operation and maintenance of Baan enterprise solutions–whether a front office, back office, or enterprise-wide solution. As one methodology, instead of the traditional two or three, aagility.method reduces the complexity and time involved in any enterprise implementation.

  • aagility.knowledge@work: This is an intellectual property database that pools the intellectual property resources of Baan’s consultants, product development staff and partners. The database includes best practice case studies, implementation strategies, research reports, staffing plans, troubleshooting tips and more. The result is reduced implementation time and maximum

  • aagility.serviceport: It delivers tools and resources customized for each project. Implementation information, project management tools, deliverable reports and schedules and more are all globally accessible to Baan consultants and partners. 

  • aagility.extreme.listening: It helps track customer feedback and in case of a complaint provides instant redress. 

  • aagility.optimize: A web-based way for customers to determine key performance criteria of the Baan solution. It allows users to run a set of diagnostics to help, identify and resolve performance issues. 

Available From:

Executive Ascent
Suite 21-22, 80/3
Cunningham Road
Bangalore – 560 052
Tel: 080-228 6510
Fax: 080-228 6515

Baan Annexe
8-2-337, Plot 97
Road No 3, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad – 500 033
Tel: 044-335 1545, 3351546
Fax: 044-335 1522

311, Bonanza, Sahar Plaza,
Andheri (East)
Mumbai – 400 051
Tel: 022-823 6051-6
Fax: 022-838 3802

571, Greater Kailash-I
New Delhi – 110 048
Tel: 011-623 3209, 623 5914, 623 5997
Fax: 011-623 5997

The Baan.agility package also includes:

  • agility.ontrack: A quality assurance
    tool to keep projects on 

  • aagility.cyberconsult: Realtime, web-enabled link to expert Baan support staff.

  • aagility.virtualcampus: Desktop-based classes and training on demand–anytime, anywhere.

  • aagility.ease: Practice and refresher training where users rehearse within the actual application, safely and privately after the implementation.

  •!: Live, virtual training available anywhere via the internet.

  • Baseline support services before, during and after implementation. 

  • aagility.onsite: Live, on-site Baan technical experts to accelerate time-to-resolution for planned or unplanned events.

  • aagility.advocate: Provides a company with a named Baan representative to proactively manage technical issues, transfer skills and make people aware of key deployment issues.

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