SoGoSurvey launches Summer’ 16

SoGoSurvey, a provider of online survey software, announced the launched SoGoSurvey Summer ‘16. The release follows two years of development to create the most groundbreaking online survey platform in the industry and has become one of the best reporting tool in the Online Survey Business.

In old License Raj India, it did not matter if the customers liked the car being sold to them. It did not even matter what the customers thought of after-sales service of the fridge they purchased. Similarly, employers did not care about the job satisfaction of their employees because the general thinking was that the employee should be happy to have a job in the first place. But post License Raj abolition in 1991, things have been slowly changing. Now consumers have choice of products – cars that can be purchased and delivered within a day, electronics and appliances with so much choice. In every category of product there is a lot of choice for the consumer and companies need to ensure total customer satisfaction or risk losing many customers due to negative publicity on social media and other avenues. SoGoSurvey plays a crucial role in measuring satisfaction using online survey tool.

Through its latest summer release, online surveys have become really user-friendly at very reasonable cost. Until now, users had to choose between the affordable, low-end, low-power solution and a robust solution with an intuitive user-friendly environment that won’t break the bank.

Said Hamid Farooqui, CEO of SoGoSurvey, “Imagine a world where you can now have a really powerful, highly user-friendly online survey software at a super-low cost. And it comes with training and support that lets you collect feedback in a secure, collaborative setting, as well as fundamentally viewing feedback from customers, employees and other stakeholders. This solution is easy for the beginner and powerful for the expert. This is SoGoSurvey Summer ’16 release.”

Powerful new questions types, ready to use survey templates for web and mobile, numerous enhancements in survey customization and personalization, improved multilingual survey design interface, and stylish new email templates are some of the top features in SoGoSurvey’s Version Summer ‘16. In fact, SoGoSurvey Summer ‘16 brings even more to its already comprehensive platform, including:

True Guaranteed Anonymity – SoGoSurvey provides guaranteed anonymity and even sends out reminders to non-participants using smart technologies built within the software. SoGoSurvey’s anonymity feature is comprehensive and boosts response rates.

Pre-populate Known Information– SoGoSurvey lets you link your client, employee or transaction data with your survey data with ease and power that’s unmatched. This makes for shorter surveys, more personalized survey experience and powerful reporting with all that rich data.

Rules and Alerts – Imagine a customer gives you a bad rating or an online buyer expresses a concern over a product on your website – wouldn’t it be powerful if you could be alerted immediately before they submit their survey? Inform the right staff and engage with them immediately to win them back or boost sales.

Powerful Reports: Trend Analysis – Sometimes a snippet of data doesn’t tell you the whole story. SoGoSurvey allows you to easily track and plot multi-year survey results and spot trends quickly.

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