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Software is defining IT infrastructure today: Parag Adarkar, CIO, Reliance Infrastructure

2016 was an year of great change, full of new technologies, revolutionary inventions and unexpected transformation. We saw the make and break of many policies. Demonetization in Q4’16 disrupted every industry in the country. The recent demonetization move of the government has resulted in being a golden opportunity for the software growth.

In order to make pace with our nation’s rapid development, Parag Adarkar, CIO, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. says, “Following demonetization, the launch of payment gateways and further interventions of UIDAI services has resulted into the emergence of preparation for various interfaces. Software is defining everything today, and with all new things getting connected to each other, the challenge today is standardization and building a common user interface.”

Talking of software, Augmented Reality (AR) is one such software which is expected to be the next big thing in 2017. When asked about his top priorities for this year, Adarkar also focused on the same, “Due to the impact of demonetization, software has now become the answer for everything. My two tech priorities which would dominate the IT activities this year in the company are Augmented Reality and mobile application development platform” he said. Augmented Reality and mobile apps have really become the need of hour.

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