Software for the Disabled

  • Offers speech and Braille output
    to the web using Internet Explorer 5.5 Sends and receives mail using Outlook
    Express. Creates documents using FS Editor word processor with its own spell

  • Works with Windows Desktop,
    Windows Explorer and many other applications and accessories including
    Windows Media Player and Real Player

  • Has an interactive talking
    install that allows installation without sighted assistance

  • Configuration required:
    Windows 95, 98, Millennium, NT 4.0- Service Pack 4 or greater. Or, Windows
    2000 Professional. Also, a soundcard

  • 24 hours demo version
    downloadable from the Netn Price: Approximately $249.

BRAILLE ‘N SPEAK: Note taker and personal organizer for
the blind and visually impaired

  • Offers speech access and a
    standard Perkin’s style Braille keyboard. Allows both grade I or grade II

  • Has a built-in speech
    synthesizer. 2.5 MB memory that stores around 2,500 pages of Braille
    information. And 25-30 hours of battery life

  • In combination with peripherals
    like our disk drive accessory, it can also be used to read information
    imported from other computers, floppy disks or the Internet. Has complete
    word processing capabilities

  • Is self-installable

  • Weighs less than one pound and is
    about the size of a video cassette

  • English version: $1299.

BRAILLE LITE 2000: Braille Personal Digital Assistant

  • Speech access and Grade I and II

  • Can be used with JAWS for Windows
    for quick access to computers

  • Serial and parallel port
    connectivity for easy connection to printers, embossers and computers

  • Built-in word processor, datebook,
    phonebook, scientific calculator and clock

  • Weighs 3 pounds. 30-hour battery

  • Price: $3,395.

  • There are many others. Type ‘n’
    speak; Type Lite; Power Braille that can run on DOS, Windows, OS/2 or Unix;
    Braille Blazer Embosser that is both an embosser and a speech synthesizer
    for use with any desktop or PC; VersaPoint Duo and DECtalk PCT.

JAWS for Windows (version 3.7): Screen reading software
for the blind and visually impaired

  • The most comprehensive and
    integrated screen reading software in the market. Can read by character,
    word or sentence. Voice settings can be changed by tone, pitch and speed.
    Has a type echo: that is, you can read what you type, as you type it

  • Reads not only body text but all
    menus, menu bars and pop-up menus

  • Supports regular Windows commands

  • Works with a large spectrum of
    programs and applications including
    : IE 5.5, Visual Basic 6.0 (both with
    integrated development environment and VB 6.0 for Applications), Sound Forge
    4.5, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project 2000, Eudora Pro, Corel
    Word Perfect, Java and Netscape Navigator

  • JAWS has also extended support
    for Oracle’s Extended Windowing Toolkit components

  • 45 minutes demo version
    downloadable from the Net

  • Price: Approximately $795.

MAGic 8.0: Screen Magnification software with low vision speech.

  • User interface provides
    color-coded buttons for ease of navigation. Has its own menu bar and a
    standard title bar that runs along the very top of the application window

  • Has two groups of controls :
    magnification (blue controls) and speech (orange controls)

  • Speech controls read body text,
    menus, web pages, dialogs. Also have type echo and mouse echo (reads
    whatever the mouse is pointed at). It also highlights words on the screen as
    it reads them

  • Has a version called Network
    MAGic that runs on a networked computer environment. Especially relevant to
    work places

  • Has numerous mouse options
    including tether-to-display and Line Lock

  • Will be compatible with JAWS for
    Windows 3.71

  • Price: Magnification only for
    Windows 95 or 98: $295 With low vision speech for Windows 95/98: $545 MAGic
    6.2 for Windows NT/2000 Professional: $395 Other products in this category
    include OPENBook and VERA.

Artic WinVision: Browsing software for the visually impaired

  • Works with Internet Explorer

  • Has its own web cursor to
    navigate around a web page script independent of the browser. A logic system
    for reading columns and tables

  • Also has a web-pilot mode for
    hands free operation that can continuously read and feed a web page

  • Price: Approximately $800

SoftTTY 1.0: Teletypewriting software for the deaf

  • Configurable software that
    provides TTY without additional hardware for most modern Macs. A TTY is a
    device used by the deaf or hard of hearing for communication over the

  • System Requirements: PowerPC; OS
    8.1 or later; 16MB RAM; voice-capable modem or Geoport modem

  • Works only with Macs

  • Price: Not available

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