Soffia Software

At #3, this small Chennai-based company is a surprise entrant in the Top 5
financial club. The company’s growth in sales, net profit and gross block on a
small base saw it clinch this high ranking. Soffia Software’s revenues stood
at a meager Rs 13.84 crore and the net profit at Rs 4.12 crore in the year ended
June 2000. However, these grew from a small base of Rs 2.42 crore and Rs 0.62
crore, respectively, notching up a stupendous growth of 472% in revenues and
564% in net profit, placing it in the #1 slot in these rankings. The company’s
gross block jumped by 308% to Rs 11.66 crore, earning it the #2 slot in the
gross block growth segment. Soffia Software improved its performance
exceptionally, more than doubling revenues in the first nine months of financial
year ended June 2001. The company provides services using client server
technology and undertakes projects on a turnkey basis. It has also developed a
number of products in the area of human resources, fixed-asset record
maintenance and mobile computing. While the company demonstrated its ability by
growing well on a small base, its future is challenging as it has to gear up to
effectively mobilize and utilize resources to sustain its fast pace.

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