SMBs Drive Growth for Web Developer Ecosystem in India

GoDaddy Web Developer Survey shows major growth driven by Creative, Education, Health and Fitness verticals in SMBs

New Update

GoDaddy released its Global Web Developer’s Survey, a global study of web developers and designers – a leading indicator of small business growth. Supported by the explosive growth of the mobile marketplace, over 50% of the work done by Survey respondents is driven through mobile platforms. The pervasiveness of smart devices and increasing affordability, has further encouraged millions of small businesses to leverage mobile to enhance their business. Over two-thirds of web pages designed by web developers for small businesses in India are more likely to be tailored and targeted for mobile.


Around 50% of developers in emerging markets like India, tend to have more new businesses when compared to developers in other regions. The emergence is also driven by the growing internet adoption by small businesses in the country. This is fueled by the face-to-face and email communications, both are leading modes of communication for web developers to reach small businesses in India.

“Web developers are a driving force in helping SMBs increasingly do business online and helping to shape the growth of the digital economy. Web developers in India regularly guide and engage with small businesses to help them get online, given the Do-It-For-Me nature of the customers. At GoDaddy, our mission is to work closely with web developers and designers, and our reseller partners, by enabling them with online tools to deliver a distinctive online presence for their client,” said Nikhil Arora, Managing Director & Vice-President, GoDaddy India.

The GoDaddy Web Developer Survey conducted in India, the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico by the research firm Evans Data, highlighted that developers in India are more likely to identify technical skills as important for business, further highlighting the Do-It-For-Me nature of India market.


The primary drivers of small business websites globally are:

  • Selling new services to existing clients:              40%
  • Providing support to existing clients:                 31%
  • Finding new clients and reselling products/services:  28%

The research also shows key differences between more mature and nascent markets, such as the, United States and India. For example, in the United States, developers and designers are more likely to work for a small firm and concentrate their work on fewer clients who provide larger retainers. However, in India web developers primarily work in formal office environments.


As the industry continues to mature, the Survey finds a strong desire for continued learning and support for certification programs. Overall, 83% of developers and designers support a certification program that focuses on improving the skills and expertise of web professionals.

Overall, the Survey provides insight into an industry that is integral to small business growth and the overall health of a digital economy. For example, two in five respondents said they now tailor web pages specifically for mobile devices, with the majority reporting they spend most of their time on mobile.

The research project surveyed 1,500 web professionals globally.


The GoDaddy Pro Program

Aiding the growth of internet ecosystem, the GoDaddy Pro Program offers client management tools, advanced support, and other features to help web developers and designers more easily manage their client’s accounts and help them create an effective digital presence. The key features of The GoDaddy Pro Program include:

  • Admin Account access – Securely permits access to clients' products without sharing passwords
  • Client Product Dashboard – View all clients and their products in one place
  • Exclusive GoDaddy Pro Discounts – Regular discounts for Pros & their customers
  • Site Monitoring – Automated email and SMS alerts when client websites have issues; View client website uptime and site speed proactively
  • Shared Shopping – Send customers pre-loaded shopping carts via email for review and/or direct purchase
  • Pro Support – A direct line to a team of highly trained technical agents and super-quick support resolution
  • Pro Connect – Listing in Pro connect directory gives increased visibility to more potential clients
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