Smartphone Speed and Performance Critical For Leaders of Tomorrow: CMR

New Update

CyberMedia Research has released their latest research report, Mobility@Work, capturing the perspectives of tomorrow’s leaders, especially millennials and other technology professionals around mobility at the workplace. As per the study findings, the key considerations from a Smartphone include agility, capacity, security, and privacy.


For the leaders of tomorrow, work is life, and they take pride in ensuring the strategic direction of their enterprise. They have an undying desire to be always connected, and to scale new heights. Given their zeal for excellence, it is not surprising that their quest for speed and performance extends to their smartphones. For them, it's not just a device, it’s an essential tool for getting things done.

According to Apalak Ghosh, Head- Industry Consulting Group at CMR, “The Leaders of Tomorrow are passionate entrepreneurs who work in open office environment. Such an environment calls for greater and closer collaboration through devices, including Smartphones. In the hands of tomorrow’s leaders, the Smartphone becomes much more. In fact, the Smartphone is the device where things get done.”

At the Workplace, tomorrow’s leaders depend on their smartphones for collaboration, and for accessing corporate data systems.


Prabhu Ram, Head- Industry Intelligence Group (IIG) at CMR said, “The Millennials bring new ideas and new ways of doing things, backed by endless energy levels. At the workplace, they are transforming the work dynamic, and in fact, expect and crave much more from everything, including their Smartphones. As such, it is important for Smartphone Brands to raise their standards, and deliver.

Here are some of the key excerpts from the Mobility@Work study:

  • When considering their next Smartphone purchase, the top five considerations for millennials and other professionals include Speed and Performance (90%); Battery Life (89%); RAM (86%); Reliability (83%), and Camera Quality (77%).
  • When it comes to productivity apps used by professionals, it is interesting to note that a vast majority of those surveyed use Google Docs (94%) and/or Dropbox (78%). For them, either the space on their Smartphone is not sufficient, or they are more assured of using Cloud for storing their data permanently.
  • 69% of respondents are concerned about the privacy of personal information stored in Smartphone used for official purposes. Sensitive personal information includes social networking, financial information as well as photographs.
  • >60% professionals have installed >20 mobile apps on their Smartphone, giving credence to its requirement for work related purposes (80%). On the other hand, there are others for whom Smartphone is a ubiquitous device that helms both their work and personal life. For them, space in their device is the criterion for downloading new apps (63%).
  • For their next smartphone upgrade, tomorrow’s leaders are considering purchasing smartphone brands such as OnePlus, Apple and Samsung.
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