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Smart Digitization of Things in the M2M Era

By: Vishal Barapatre, Group CTO, In2IT Technologies

We have entered a “Machine to Machine” (M2M) era where digitization of things has become a prominent part of our lifestyle. The era witnesses the growth of IT industry and smart cities with inter-connected network of devices via all sorts of communication tools. As the name itself suggests, M2M stands for Machine to Machine interaction while eliminating the need for manned operation.

In the present digital era, devices are interconnected to each other in such a way that they are able to communicate automatically by themselves, which is a welcome step. There exist centralized servers which monitor and keep a track of various interconnected devices linked to the server using technological tool such as ““Telemetering” or “Telemetry”. “Telematics” is the underlying technology that mounts communication systems in a moving object such as in vehicles, etc. and provides real-time information services. Incorporating a communication module in a car-mounted navigation system enables the system to receive and provide information services with the help of mobile telephone lines.

With the advent of IoT and Big Data Analytics, more and more applications are being equipped with sensors that can monitor and measure many different variables that will create huge amount of data. IT Industry leaders believe that Machine to Machine data is likely to increase in the coming years and is growing at a fast pace in the current scenario.

The transfer and sharing of data from one device to another without the human involvement has paved the ways for newer and better opportunities for ongoing technological transition. More specifically, it empowers businesses to create a more robust digital model while leveraging the potential of business intelligence capabilities technology is bringing for them. The model will transform the lifestyle of an organization as it deals with unique monitoring patterns to benefit an organization needs for technological infrastructure.

For businesses, M2M is a whole new world to increase revenues and drive the business growth with the help of software licensing. It’s a way to enable greater responsiveness to changing market conditions and implement new business models necessary for the exponential growth of an organization. There is a substantial appetite for technology across the Indian marketplace that leads to building strong relationships between businesses and their respective customers.

M2M era has further raised the IT standards while enabling the exchange of data from a remote machine/device to back-end IT Infrastructure with the use of embedded sensors. IoT further triggers the M2M trend and offers smart ecosystem that comes along with a smart lifestyle.
We are walking ahead to explore a platform where “things” or “devices” would work intelligently on their own via sensors. For example, street lights will automatically turn off when sunlight will shine out of the dark and eventually hit the sensors. Self driving cars are the major example of M2M and IoT product and in near future, these cars would also be able to communicate with other cars, which is worth appreciating.

M2M data growth has enormous potential to create smart homes, workplace and society while building an interconnected infrastructure. This smart connectivity would ensure seamless flow of data and information that can be accessed by the concerned person or authority with the help of different applications. M2M era is thus all set to entertain the technological innovation while creating best infrastructure for a smart as well as digital community.

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