How smart classes develop a dynamic perspective to the education sector

In today’s Smart Learning Environment, there is an increasing interest to boost the potential of Smart Classrooms. Smart classes are the most ideal option to move towards a technology-driven educational system that the modern world is aiming for. Nowadays, you have access to quality education whenever and wherever you want. We are now entering a new era of the revolution of online education. This online disruption is reshaping the education sector and will be advantageous to the larger part of the society. However, the fundamental objective of our country should be imparting education to every corner of the country, to every individual and empower them with the most powerful tool i.e., Education.

Digital transformation in the education sector in India has been making rapid strides and is anticipated to gain even more momentum. The learning process has evolved with the technological advancements. The adoption of technology in education has led to a tremendous transformation from teacher-centred education to student-centred education. Virtual classrooms and various smart online tools are helping to continue and enhance the engagement between the teacher and students as close to the classroom type experience. Online assessment platforms and ed tech companies are constantly striving to improve their products by engaging learners, streamlining teaching, and improving outcomes both inside and outside the classroom. Much has been planned and implemented and further improvement is underway.

In the context of digital transformation in the education sector, the prospect for increased experimentation, resources, efficiency, and life skill development, are considered as the advantages of digital transformation. Hence, many such digital smart tools helps to solve the problems of the student’s ability to assess, standard of education and learning by offering virtual classroom solutions to support the education ecosystem.

Some of the benefits of Smart Classes

Increased Access to Learning at anytime and anywhere

The increased access to learning means they can attract students from a wider range of locations. When remote learning is possibility, students may be able to use technology such as text-to-speech, video sharing option for an active learning environment, screen casting, throwing, &mirroring between devices, taking quiz, mind mapping &brainstorming online. Online sources will bring in an element of excitement to learning when students can bank on the exhaustive information that is present on the internet.

Smart tools help students understand the topic better

Gone are the days of traditional education. Now is the age of smart classes which allow the teachers to impart education by assimilating audio-visual information and by using PowerPoint presentations, word documents, audio sessions, and video screenings as well as through images.

Social Learning

Social learning takes the basic components of human interaction and group dynamics and applies them to the modern technological age. Online forums, chat rooms, file-sharing platforms, social learning, has never been more productive, efficient and seamless.

Online Gamification Makes Learning Fun

An important part of boosting student engagement is trying to make lessons as enjoyable as possible, and the idea of gamification is one method that can help with this. Introducing games like quizzes can serve the dual purpose of improving student engagement and testing their knowledge and understanding.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality allows eLearning practitioners to fully immerse their students in the subject matter. When combined with augmented and virtual reality, video learning, gamification, and mobile learning have never been so immersive.

Evolution of teaching methods

One can access 3D virtual classrooms at the click of a button and the AI based learning that enables students to learn at their own pace, thereby improving learning outcomes, using digital tools to tell a story, animating the learning points. Educational institutes can also organise virtual placement drives.

Go Green with smart classes

Smart classes are a perfect solution to the environmental hazards that are posed by the conventional methodology of traditional education. It can indeed become an intelligent and workable way to pave way for a greener environment. These are only a few reasons to choose smart classes, and why one thinks that online learning is better than the traditional classroom experience. The digital journey has commenced in right earnest for the Indian educational institutions and the future will be an era of technology-driven education in India. Technology integration into education is a boon in this modern world and will continue to grow and fascinate us as the years go by.

By Muneer Ahmad, AV Head, ViewSonic India

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