Small businesses can appear bigger with virtual offices

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Till now we have only read about virtual offices. But as 2013 has ben started, the concept of virtaul offices are becoming real. In simple terms, is a combination of off-site live communication and address services.


The concept of using virtual offices is not only affordable, but it also offers much convenience and flexibilty compared to traditional offices. The cost of setting up an office at a premium location in most cities is exorbitant and therefore out of the reach of most businesses.

To be ahead of your competitor, one has to adopt quick approach. Sometime company's cash is spend on those things which can be cut after adopting virtaul office concept.This allows businesses to channel most of their budgets into growth and expansion plans or strategies.

Recently Actis Technologies, has unveiled Virtual Office Solutions for corporate India. Their solutions includes technologies like Virtual Meeting, Virtual Presentation ,Webinars ,Intranet , Skill Mapping.


These technology can be used by individuals and companies to operate a fully fledged business from any remote location.

Says Abhimanyu Gupta, Director, Actis Technologies, "The conservative boundaries of office rooms have opened up to new dimensions. The major beneficiaries of this groundbreaking automated management technology are SMEs, Budding Entrepreneurs, and Large Corporations".

Benefits of adopting Virtaul Office


Reduction in traveling costs - (especially in cities with infrastructural bottleneck)thereby reducing carbon footprint.

Flexi working Option - Virtual Office solutions can provide large corporations with flexi working options for employees, thereby reducing attrition rate.

Help Partners to integrate in the ecosystem

Also in a changing scenario, the growth of self employed professionals and consultants have increased the need for companies to communicate with them (Partners) on a frequent basis. Virtual office solutions help partners to integrate themselves in the ecosystem of the company.


Reduced overhead costs

Renting a standard office requires that a business owner takes care of numerous overhead costs such as; electricity or power bills, cleaning, parking, equipment, internet etc. On the contrary, small businesses using virtual offices eliminate the responsibility of footing such bills.

Administrative support

Another very important advantage of using a virtual office for small businesses is that it eliminates the need to hire fulltime employees such as admin assistants or a customer care representatives. This is because companies that offer Virtual office services usually employ customer support or admin assistants on a fulltime service.

Adds Mr. Abhimanyu Gupta, Director, Actis Technologies, "Actis is trusted for its reliable AV solutions and is well renowned for introducing a comprehensive assortment of ICT products for corporate India. Our Virtual Office Solutions are the affordable, hassle freeand a greener alternative to leasing a full-time office space. "