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Skillsoft to Deliver Training Opportunities by Joining SAP PartnerEdge Program

Skillsoft delivers an immersive, personalized, and engaging learning experience, all curated into more than 700 learning paths

Skillsoft is now an official member in the SAP PartnerEdge program, which provides the enablement tools, benefits and support to facilitate building high-quality, disruptive applications focused on specific business needs – quickly and cost-effectively.

“We are excited to join SAP PartnerEdge. SAP is one of the most innovative companies in the world and a great company to work with,” commented Ron Hovsepian, executive chairman, Skillsoft. “After attending SAPPHIRE NOW® this year, Skillsoft is excited by SAP’s industry leading solutions and how SAP continuously innovates with their technology and service partners. Learning more about the SAP solutions and meeting with associates on the floor inspired us to further explore opportunities to leverage SAP solutions.”

Today’s learners demand the same consumer oriented, intuitive experiences at work that they use to consume and access content every day, anywhere they want it. Skillsoft delivers an immersive, personalized, and engaging learning experience, all curated into more than 700 learning paths (channels) that are continuously updated to ensure customers always have access to the latest content. Businesses that use SAP solutions will have access to Skillsoft’s three specialized offerings:

Leadership and Business: High-performing organizations know their competitive advantage is directly tied to their ability to develop talent effectively. This Skillsoft offering addresses the changing way in which organizations need to develop their leaders, manage digital disruption in the market, and develop their employees’ business, management, and collaborative skills. Skillsoft accomplishes this with four key plans: Skillsoft Leadership Development Program, Digital Transformation, Business, andProductivity & Collaboration Tools.

Technology & Developer: Skillsoft delivers training to more technology professionals than any other corporate learning company, providing 26 million hours to more than 5 million learners in 2018. To ensure talent retention, organizations must provide enterprise technology professionals and software developers with access to an abundance of multi-modal resources to prepare for certification exams, trouble-shoot on demand, or acquire new technical skills. Skillsoft solutions also embed Career Path recommendations, called Aspire Journeys, to guide learners in their progression from point A to point B, and to fulfill business needs and individual aspirations.

Compliance: With one of the largest selections of compliance topics available, Skillsoft Compliance Training Solutions help to ensure organizations effectively meet regulatory requirements, mitigate risk and provide a safe workplace for employees. Courses are available in 30+ languages, each developed around key instructional design principles to better engage learners and accelerate ethical and safety workplace practices across the organization.

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