'Skill upgradation is required to bridge talent crisis

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What is the scope of e-Governance applications in the West Bengal state

government departments?

Progressive induction of e-applications in activities of the micro,

small-scale enterprises and textiles department has been taken up as one of the

focal areas of our activity. The global textiles industry is passing through a

defining phase and is witnessing technological metamorphosis in a variety of

hues. Superior and modern designs, flexibility in speedily changing patterns and

colors to respond to the tastes of discerning customers are areas which

naturally lend themselves to e-applications. We have set up some CAD centers,

which are assisting artisans, weavers, printers and processors in refining their

products. In our bid to modernize the textiles sector, large-scale skill

upgradation is required to bridge the huge talent crisis.


Has e-Governance been able to strike positive changes in West Bengal?

E-Governance is an evolving process. As a necessity, e-applications and

governance measures are finding increased use and acceptability across the

country. West Bengal is no exception. There is a wide realization that citizenry

can benefit much more from increased usage of e-applications and consequent

increase in responsiveness. There are several district, sub-division, block and

Gram Panchayat level inter-connectivity initiatives. Many departments of the

state government have introduced or are introducing larger e-Governance


Gyan Dutt Gautama,

principal secretary, Department of Micro, Small Scale Enterprises and

Textiles, Government of West Bengal

Can you share some details on the small-scale industry in West Bengal?

Even in the emerging milieu of a globalized and integrated business

environment, micro and small enterprises have their own significance in a large

country like India with a population of a billion. Each micro and small

enterprise can gainfully become part of larger production network and supply

chains provided one is agile and alive to emerging market needs and is willing

to aggressively pursue opportunities. In West Bengal, several large brands in

textiles sector are being supported by a network of micro and small enterprises.

Bhaskar Hazarika