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Six new startups @ NetApp Excellerator Cohort 4

Two alumni startups from a previous edition, Adya and ArchSaber, were also successfully acquired

NetApp today launched its Excellerator, Cohort4 Demo Day, program.

The six cohorts participating in this edition are:

QuNu Labs: A quantum computing-based security company, QuNu Labs helps CXOs who need to protect their critical data assets in transit to accelerate their transition to Quantum safe data security solutions by building hardware products that deliver unconditional data security.

SecurelyShare: SecurelyShare helps wealth managers/bankers improve customer experience with a mobile app that empowers their customers to receive, organize and share personal information with convenience, security and privacy controls. Zappy is a desktop application that helps operations, accounting and back office employees doing manual business processes automate these processes within a minute without any technical knowledge.

Ecolibrium Energy: Ecolibrium Energy is an industrial IoT company that empowers enterprises to improve asset efficiency using predictive analytics.

Eder AI: Eder AI helps enterprise tech leaders to collaborate with third-party solution providers in leveraging AI on sensitive data, thereby making privacy, AI and policy work together.

UniQreate: UniQreate helps business users of Data Provider organizations automate high diversity data extraction with intelligent workflow and adaptive learning system

Deepak Visweswaraiah, senior VP and MD, NetApp India, said: We are celebrating the fact that six more startups are graduating. We have completed a two-year journey. We have had 24 startups over the last couple of years. We have had several successes so far. We are now helping build a healthy ecosystem of B2B startups. We believe a healthy B2B ecosystem is very important. We wanted to help the ecosystem of startups to grow. We look forward to working with them and our partners.

Ajeya Motaganahalli, senior director and leader of NetApp Excellerator, added: The cohort 4 signifies the maturity of the futuristic technologies. These would be industrial IoT, AI-driven analytics, data protection and security, secure AI computation, quantum computing and cognitive RPA.

While computing, you need to encrypt the data. For instance, QNu Labs generates a quantum key. We also have Ecolibrium, in industrial IoT. Zappy.AI can transform businesses, and streamline processes to deliver operational efficiencies of over 30%.

Zappy is a cognitive RPA (C-RPA) software, which automates the repetitive tasks by observing user actions on the desktop and delivers increased productivity by more than 70% on manual processes in your organization. It continuously learns, adding, deleting and editing Zappy tasks based on feedback with no limitation on the number of steps it can automate.

SecurelyShare has Vault.Direct that provides a secure communication channel designed for trust and privacy control that delivers messages and documents directly to the user, bypassing traditional communication channels such as SMS, email and chat.

Ederlabs is a deep learning research lab focused on building fundamental blocks of technology that will allow for data, AI, policy and privacy to work together. The impact will be data providers, AI researchers, businesses. It is working on a secure AI protocol called Fluid. Over the next few months, it will be releasing a collaborative tool for AI that will help data scientists in the rapid deployment of AI models.

QuNu has applied quantum cryptography as the only known way of providing unconditional security that is proved by the information theory.

Ecolibrium Energy are creators of tomorrow’s innovation in energy and asset management for industries, buildings and cities. The name represents an environment, which utilizes all forms of energy in an ecologically balanced manner. It also helps enterprises embrace the digital era with easily implementable IoT- and AI-based solutions for substantial energy savings, and enhanced asset productivity.

Graduating startup SecurelyShare has formed a strategic alliance with NetApp’s reference architecture. Its flagship product, Vault.Direct, also gets a boost. Excellerator program also attained maturity as 24 B2B tech startups graduated and eight strategic alliances have been formed. Two alumni startups, Adya and ArchSaber, were successfully acquired.

Motaganahalli added: “Our vision with the NetApp Excellerator program has been to unleash greater possibilities. Each edition reflects our commitment to speed up the delivery of advanced technologies. This demo day further validates our program’s strengths and is the start of a deeper engagement for enhanced business alignment in future cohorts. We envision aligning the next cohort with stronger go-to-market opportunities by funding proof-of-concepts.”

NetApp Excellerator has now opened registrations for its fifth cohort. Startups with interests in the areas of hybrid cloud, AI, IoT, data management and adjacent technology domains are invited to apply.

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