SIS Group Migrates to IceWarp for its E2E Encrypted Email Communication Solution

With IceWarp 99.9% of transactional emails delivered securely while eliminating the risk of data breach and ensuring the delivery of information reliably

Today, data is the most vital aspect of any business, loss of a fraction of data can jeopardize day-to-day business operations. It is extremely important to ensure that all data is secured during software migration, or can be restored whenever necessary.  Security management is a challenging task of protecting sensitive information. The SIS Group, known for its security services both in India and Australia with diverse solutions across the security spectrum has tied up with IceWarp for its email collaboration solution. Prior to its collaboration with IceWarp, SIS was facing major spamming issues, phishing attacks, cyber-security threats with no administrative centralized control over incoming and outgoing mails. Attempting to manage outgoing traffic of such a large magnitude from the organization’s single server was a major problem.  In addition to frequent crashes, the system lacked any kind of resilience; it represented a single point of failure and was extremely difficult to pinpoint problems, and monitor delivery performance.

Speaking on the deployment, Pramod Sharda – CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East quoted, “We are delighted to expand our engagement with SIS. The cumulative growth of our clientele acts as a constant reminder of us moving closer to our vision. A secure solution for every communication process is the need of the hour. We at IceWarp offer our customers ease of use, security, and efficiency through our complete solution for all their office work in a single window, without the requirement of a third-party application”.

With IceWarp, SIS gets an undeterred protection against stealthy malware in attachments and industry-leading URL intelligence that helps combat malicious links. Moreover, Email Security enhances Office 365 email security. It has robust data loss prevention and content-encryption capabilities to safeguard sensitive information which has helped SIS to comply with government and industry regulations.

“Today when data hacks are increasing by every passing day, one needs to be more careful while migrating to new collaborative software. Similarly, we had been searching for an efficient Email Collaboration solution for our company which is easy to use as well as secure. Our search ended with IceWarp the company’s solutions are completely safe and provide seamless collaboration in real time. With IceWarp, our team and processes would continuously be in an optimal condition, ensuring greater productivity at a faster pace.”  stated, Hemant Singh, Manager IT, SIS India Ltd.

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