Single-Window Service

Bank has automated all of its critical business processes such as trade finance
operations, tracking of customer deliverables and security items, loan
application processing, value-added services and transfer of funds across
geographies. The impact has been quite high. The bank now has a centralized
architecture, coupled with the unification of diverse systems to provide a
unified customer experience across branches.

IT has facilitated a one-view of the client’s relationship across group
companies. The bank is now able to get queries addressed from a single window of
service. It has facilitated channel migration of customers from high-cost
branches to low-cost online interfaces, bringing down total cost per
transaction. Further, it has enabled complex analysis of the client’s
financial and demographic profile, besides product performance, leading to
informed business decision-making. The impact of IT has been such that there is
reuse of existing solutions across product verticals to slash time-to-market for
new products and cut down on costs.

Pravir K Vohra, CIO, ICICI
Champion CIO Award Large Enterprise Category

ICICI Bank now has metrics in place to measure the uptime of systems and
system performance, as experienced by users. Another example of how well IT has
been aligned with its business goals and is providing value: lower TAT, leading
to better online remittances from the US and the Middle East. Beneficiaries in
India are credited with remittance money within hours.

The bank has undertaken several projects of excellence, such as
enterprise-wide application integration, application-processing systems for
retail loans group, deal-matching system for corporate clients, online trading
system for financial instruments on open systems, payment gateway, and cQuery-a
customer query system.

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