Single Window Advantage

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From a humble beginning in 1948, LKP Securities today is a well established

and dynamic broking house in India. Known for its state-of-the-art systems and

innovative processes, LKP offers a single window advantage to its clients for

all capital and money market related activities. In a broking houses, operations

are divisble into front and back office applications. Back office applications

have till date never been integrated, and 70% of the exchange activities are

carried out in the front office related activities. Currently, all the

departments use different types of applications with no two departments using

the same.


According to Kamal Chanchalani, CIO, LKP Securities, this in turn gives rise

to a bigger issue as there are no real-time based applications that can help in

decision making. "Currently, we have introduced a new application namely Lidha

Didha for RMS and back office applications in a single office, and we are hoping

it will be the answer to our problems," he adds.

Kamal Chanchalani, CIO, LKP



Explaining the functioning at trading houses, Chanchalani says, "Basically

the main applications for stock broking houses are Microsoft based and there is

hardly anything on Open Source. We expect the best applications from vendors

since they are the ones who receive most of the feedback based on which a good

application should be designed for the trading market. Currently, one vendor is

deploying partly on Open Source."


Open Source is important because it saves a lot of costs for the business,

helps in maintaining transaction secrets which is of utmost importance, plus the

additional advantage of nil virus attacks.

Some of the major issues faced include multicast broadcast and interactive

bandwidth. "Connectivity has always been an issue for us since it adds to the

costs of the company, thus eating into the profits. And we need to address this

issue on an urgent basis. Most of our applications are windows based," explains


There are other implementation issues like the cost for installing firewall.

However, Chanchlani adds that even after installing these applications, security

of the transactions continues to be a key concern. Problem of plenty also

bothers Chanchalani with the availability of too many vendors to choose from.


He says, "Considering the amount of transactions that take place daily, there

is a need to secure the records. Since we enable holding of DP accounts and

transactions through it and offer CSDL related services, security is of

paramount importance to us. This is a totally Internet based application wherein

clients can log in using their user name and password and conduct transactions.

Offering secured application is the single biggest challenge for us."

Costs are a major challenge for any company. Explaining their IT spending

scenario, Chanchalani explains, "We have a very variable budget. Being a trading

house, our IT budget is dependent on the performance of the Indian economy and

the inflow of FIIs. Approximatley 80% of our profits were slashed by costs. The

connectivity charges, recurring costs, costs of license to Microsoft, etc."

Chanchalani says that his company intends to implement SAM Cell storage in

the future, VMWare and maybe even Open Source.

Shilpa Shanbhag