Simpli5d Technologies shows the way forward to Digital Revolution in India

The company introduces mechanical platform to help prevent online ad frauds

Simpli5d Technologies, a pioneer in anti-fraud technology headquartered in Gurgaon, India offers ingenious technology platforms for impactful digital advertisements. The digital engagement solutions offered by the company sildeline the risks and complicacies of online advertising providing optimal returns.

The collective dream of a digital India lies in innovation in the information technologies in order to revolutionize the digital world. While one sees digital revolution happening at an astounding scale, there is a digital fraud taking place at an overwhelming rate.

Simpli5d Technologies has developed a groundbreaking solution to filter out non-human traffic coming on to any ad-campaign or website. The patent awaited Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology developed by the company is a strong solution that ensures that the brands/ advertisers pay only for what they get. The technology is based on the fundamental aspect of any advertisement campaign along with elimination of the fraud which is:

Real Human + Right Targeting + Real Engagement = Enhanced and Sustainable Brand Recall

Shedding more light on the solution, Mr. Amit Mittal, Founding Partner and CEO says, “Simpli5d Technologies is helping brands prevent waste of money on ineffective advertisement and is effectively addressing the issue of ad-fraud. The company is working towards building a very comprehensive and powerful analytics engine, which would be extremely beneficial for both publishers as well as advertisers.”


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