Silverline Technologies

If Silverline Technologies consolidated its revenues and
profits, it would have been placed among the top Indian IT companies–after
all, its performance on a standalone basis itself has placed it at #30 in
overall rankings. The company was placed at #14 in sales, #8 in net profit and
#10 in gross block. Silverline reported sales of Rs 272.72 crore and a net
profit of Rs 131.47 crore in the year ended March 2001. While sales grew by 40%,
net profit was up by 87%. Its gross block grew 16% to Rs 183.11 crore.
Silverline was placed at #31 in sales growth, #23 in profit growth and #40 in
gross block growth. The company provides services in e-commerce, CRM,
re-engineering and maintenance of legacy systems through offshore development
centers in Thane and Bangalore. The company is listed on the New York Stock
Exchange, having raised $125 million earlier in the year. It has also made some
acquisitions, including Hong Kong’s Sky Capital International, US-based Sera
Nova and Canadian firm based CIT Inc.

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