How Sify’s ‘Cloud at the Core’ Is Enabling Digital Transformation

Cloud at the Core is not only a technological advancement today; it’s a cultural shift towards business transformation and Sify

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Industrial revolution 4.0

India has moved towards a digital-first economy and is on an unprecedented growth trajectory with digital as the key ammunition. The country’s digital infrastructure is coming to life owing to policy changes and innovation in delivering citizen services with technology as a key enabler. Make in India, a powerful initiative to foster GDP growth is inspiring businesses, large and small alike to reimage their processes and re-think their technology architecture.



With the power of cloud and network forming the backbone, sophisticated analytics, blockchain and other such technologies, are changing how organizations deliver personalized intelligent experiences to customers. Imagine a future where technology can predict the outcomes of a surgery in a hospital. Robots today already help humans in a lot of labor-intensive tasks, imagine robots enhancing productivity of shop floor of a manufacturing unit and using Artificial Intelligence to make India the manufacturing hub of the future for the globe, providing the most intelligent connected products.

And Cloud has moved beyond being simply a technology and has transformed into a way of doing business. Enterprises can increasingly consume IT without the constraints of having to build and maintain its underlying infrastructure.Cloud is embedded into the enterprise fabric today. Across almost all industries, cloud has moved from being a competitive advantage to competitive parity. The cloud adoption strategy, however, must not be limited to just building foundational technologies or opting for cloud-like hosting services.


As enterprises lower dependency on internal resources to maintain IT infrastructure and shift focus to outcomes in the business strategy, this demands that organizations incorporate business requirements with the Cloud at the Core.

To aid the digital transformation of enterprises, cloud solutions are occupying center stage and leading business enablement. Cloud is much more than just another technology strategy:

  • The cloud strategy cannot be just lip service but all encompassing, all pervasive and absolutely strategic to the organizations’ business priorities
  • IT teams must move beyond infrastructure management and think business - this calls for a cultural shift in roles and responsibilities
  • Even as enterprises adopt a cloud-first strategy there is a need to work with forward-thinking service providers that can provide benefits across the complete value chain – right from building-delivering-managing-enhancing the cloud for the enterprise.


Right from how the solutions are built to how they are delivered, managed and further enhanced, Sify is committed to making the customer’s transition to Cloud at the Core the most rewarding journey for their business, with solutions across Infrastructure, Platforms and Applications. Sify’s play across the complete gamut gives it a unique advantage and equips enterprises with the power to disrupt, transform, and optimize, thereby, increasing ROI and driving business innovation.

Cloud at the Core is not only a technological advancement today; it’s a cultural shift towards business transformation.


Sify offers ‘Cloud at the Core’of all its solutions that are built over two decades of experience enabling digital transformation of enterprises across industries. Sify’s Hybrid IT solutions are paving the way for emerging technologies like Big Data Analytics, RPA, Blockchain, AI, IoT, AR to foster business innovation with the building blocks of Network, Security and Cloud. Over 7000 businesses across industries have been leveraging these solutions to deliver superior customer experiences and enhance productivity.

Sify’s offering spans SaaS (hosting and managing the software application and its underlying infrastructure and maintenance), PaaS (creating web applications without the customer having to buy and maintain the underlying software and infrastructure) and IaaS (delivering cloud computing infrastructure including servers, storage, network, and operating systems as an on-demand service).



Digital India is creating a perfect storm of new opportunities for businesses presenting:

  • An increased demand of cloud-based services across industries to deliver superior personalized experiences to end customers
  • Need for ubiquitous data connectivity and high-speed enterprise networks
  • Extensive need for security services to prevent threat and theft
  • Need for data hosting under outsourced model in a data center
  • Need for managed services to host and manage application and platforms



Digital Revolution is being powered by cloud but businesses and their service provider partners need a strategy to achieve digital transformation. Cloud is a journey, and different enterprises are at different stages in their quests for value-driving, utility based computing. Cloud buyers need different services at every stage.


Sify is the only end-to-end service provider with the complete catalogue across the value chain for businesses across all industries

  • Service provider with expertise in System Integration and Application domain
  • Only ICT service provider to offer “Consumption” as well as “Build” models to clients
  • Multiple commercial models Component Aligned, Usage Aligned and Business Outcome Aligned
  • Ability to compete and replace traditional Telco & IT Services providers, new-age DC & Cloud providers and pure play Managed Services provider

Benefits include:

  • No upfront investment by client and payout is based on consumption
  • Reduced upfront investment as client subscribes to infrastructure owned by Sify as a part of their overall infrastructure requirement
  • Client engagement is based on defined business outcome generated by IT solutions and services


Traditional and Modern IT services companies alike propagate cloud adoption and invest in building such services and skills. Sify additionally made investments in building the infrastructure for cloud and invested in building IPs. Sify has developed the cloud orchestration engine which is a key component of delivering cloud services.

We are committed to delivering value across the complete spectrum of Cloud including Infrastructure, Platforms and Applications. Sify has experience in building cloud and the entire orchestration engine - we know how to build and run cloud for clients owing to our experience in building Sify’s own cloud, CloudInfinit.

Further, we are committed to providing choices in the interest of growth of our clients’ business. We offer a host of choices.

  • The choice of subscribing to cloud on a consumption model or building cloud.
  • The choice of suitable Commercial models for your business – capex/opex, component aligned, usage aligned, business-outcome aligned.
  • The choice of hosting on Sify’s data center or customers’ own data center.
  • The choice of technology across leading cloud providers - Azure or AWS or Sify’s CloudInfinit.

Sify is committed to making the cloud secure for your business. Our security services portfolio has evolved over more than a decade and has been augmented for cloud.

Count on Sify. We are relevant and a long-time partner for our clients’ cloud journey. We address all client requirements seamlessly.

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