Sierra Optima

The Hyderabad-based company is ranked at #19 this time, against #21 last
year. Sierra Optima, a mid-sized company providing services in applications
development and migration with specialization on the Oracle platform, reported
revenues of Rs 20.30 crore, compared to Rs 15.18 crore in the corresponding
previous year. Net profit jumped by 39% to Rs 5.51 crore in the year ended March
31. Sierra’s ROCE stood at 53%, placing it in the #2 ROCE position. Sierra is
ranked at #35 in sales growth, #36 in net profit growth, #21 in gross block
growth, #45 in sales and #38 in profits. The company is gradually shifting focus
to providing services in e-commerce and emerging areas. However, it has found
the going tough and has not managed to outperform the industry average. The
company offers its services from its development center in Hyderabad and is part
of US-based Sierra Atlantic.

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