Siemens’s Remote Servicing System launched

Siemens claims to greatly simplify the remote maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The HVAC regulators from the Climatix product family can be directly connected to the Internet and accessed via a service provided in the cloud. Remote maintenance saves time and money, because a technician does not have to be physically present to carry out many processes, such as the installation of updates. Manufacturers of HVAC systems use remote maintenance to support commissioning from distant locations, make diagnoses, and repair faults. This was already possible via modem or Web server if one had the necessary know-how, but other tasks such as continuous monitoring were possible only with great difficulty. Because tablets and similar smart devices are now becoming increasingly common in the service sector, Siemens has developed a device-independent, Web-based solution.

The Internet-enabled regulators from Siemens can simply be registered in the Climatix IC cloud, and from then on they are accessible from anywhere at any time. Climatix IC provides a wide range of services, such as monitoring, diagnosis, an alarm service, and updates. Thanks to the cloud, it’s easy to set up comprehensive remote maintenance for HVAC systems ranging from devices in private homes to complex installations in shopping malls. Internet-enabled Climatix regulators automatically connect with the cloud as soon as they are commissioned. All of the important operating data are gathered and stored there. Service personnel and building operators can monitor the equipment, diagnose malfunctions, and repair faults without having to install any additional software.

Readjusting the air conditioning system from a tablet
The Web-based service can be accessed from every Internet-enabled device, including a tablet. In addition, Climatix IC can support the installers when they commission the devices. When dealing with data from the cloud, Siemens complies with the most stringent IT security standards.

Siemens is increasingly offering its own services via the cloud. Cloud computing or Web-based services are being offered by various business units. Examples include Web-based energy management, online services for processing medical data, and online versions of product lifecycle management programs. For this reason, Corporate Technology, the central research unit at Siemens, has its own competence center for cloud computing. This center advises all business units concerning the realization of various applications and supports the units by offering them data security solutions.ith Remote Servicing System

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